Mechanical Engineer Adds Value to Business Development Team

By Kay Anderson

Teran Nicole Chase is a principal finance analyst at Northrop Grumman in Chandler, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2011. Teran says she always knew she would be in a STEM field, and she had a penchant for understanding how things worked and came together, so mechanical just made sense. Teran also graduated from ASU with an MBA in 2016.

Teran Chase,
Principal Finance Analyst

Teran’s responsibilities at Northrop Grumman are to provide pricing support for large proposals within Business Development, including the company’s new rocket, OmegA, which is the largest in the company's launch vehicle portfolio. Northrop Grumman builds, on average, more than 20 rockets per year and launches more than 14. They also design a new rocket every two years, and currently they are designing OmegA to compete with other aerospace companies for the opportunity to provide a new generation of rockets to launch satellites for the U.S. Air Force.

Seeking Innovative and Next Generation Technology

Teran grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, before moving to Tempe, Arizona for college. She chose to go into the aerospace and defense industry because, “Aerospace and Defense is where they are making the latest, cutting edge, cool technology,” she said. “Interestingly enough, I was a test engineer at a packaging company prior to Northrop Grumman. Although these are two unrelated fields, similar testing was required for the packaging as we do with launch vehicle parts, such as shock, environmental and vibration testing.”

After earning her MBA, Teran says her ideal job was to work at an engineering company, but to be on the business side of it. There was a job opening at Northrop Grumman in Finance in 2016 – Teran applied, and she began working at Northrop Grumman in June 2016.

Giving Back to the STEM Community

Teran is an active volunteer with Northrop Grumman’s STEM outreach. Northrop Grumman in Chandler, Arizona, has a hands-on, large, interactive STEM exhibit that requires many engineers to support. “I have really enjoyed those as the premise is to get the next generation interested in the STEM field,” says Teran. “Outside of work, I am a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and have been since undergrad.”

Working on What Matters

If you’re interested in a similar career, Teran says not to underestimate yourself or give up because you think it is unattainable. “Aerospace and defense careers give a sense of fulfillment because you are working on projects that have a direct impact in protecting our nation,” she said. “In addition, as I mentioned before, there is also the cool, cutting-edge factor – where you know you are working on the latest technology and helping to advance research.”

Outside of work, Teran enjoys spending time with her family and close friends. Her hobbies include going to the movies, being active outdoors, and playing sports, especially basketball.

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