Student FAQs

Student FAQs  

To assist you in learning more about our student and new graduate recruitment process, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.  If you don't find the question you want to know about, please write us.

1.  Does Northrop Grumman hire for both intern and new graduate positions?
Yes. Each year a large number of our overall openings are dedicated to students and entry-level applicants. 

2.  When is the best time of the year to get hired for intern and new graduate positions?
Northrop Grumman hires all year round. Our programs and projects have different hiring needs at various points throughout the year so you will always see openings for student and entry-level positions listed on our careers page.

3.  How do I find out about open positions with Northrop Grumman?
Our Careers site is the right place to begin. Recruiters and hiring managers review applications daily, so we recommend you create a profile, post your resume and apply to the job postings that interest you and align with your background. When completing your application, be sure to include preferences such as geographic location or business sector on your profile. 

4. What should I include in my candidate profile?
When creating your profile, please be as thorough and complete as possible. Information such as location preference and current security clearance information are especially valuable in the evaluation process. Providing this information will also help ensure you are contacted for other positions that meet your criteria, as recruiters routinely search the database for candidates that meet specific qualifications. Please review your profile regularly and keep your personal data and resume up to date. Remember, you can always monitor your status by using the “self-service” feature in your profile. 

5.  How much does Grade Point Average (GPA) play into the hiring decision?
At Northrop Grumman, grade point average is only one of the many factors we use in assessing a potential candidate. 

6.  After I apply online when can I expect to hear back from a recruiter?
Due to the large volume of applications we receive - we are unable to personally respond to each applicant, but you are important to us. Check the "Candidate Status" in your profile for updates.

7.  Do you have any details about your internship program?
Our internship program is a critical component of our overall business strategy. We value the opportunity to hire a large number of talented interns each year during the summer with some interns being selected to stay on part time throughout the year.  To help interns assimilate quickly, we host a kick-off event to provide an overview of the program, engage executives to speak to interns about the business, leadership and a variety of topics.  We also host many learning sessions and provide social activities to help interns network and get to know each other.  For more details on our internship program check out our Internships & Co-Ops page. 

8. Are your intern positions paid?
All internship positions are paid positions. Compensation will depend on the position and the qualifications of the applicant.

9.  Do you hire freshmen as interns?
This will depend on the position needs and the qualifications of the candidate.  If a freshman meets the basic requirements listed for a job, they can apply and will be considered. 

10.  Does Northrop Grumman provide tuition reimbursement?
Yes. Northrop Grumman is committed to furthering the growth and development of our internal employees.  Eligible employees, with manager approval, can qualify for educational assistance that they can use for certification courses and degree work.

11.  Does Northrop Grumman offer rotational programs?
Yes. Please visit our Development Programs page for information on our developmental/rotational offerings. 

12.  Is it true that all positions require a top secret clearance? What does that mean, and do I have to have it before I join Northrop Grumman?
While not all of our positions require that you have a clearance, many of our technical positions do require the ability to obtain some level of clearance, which will be stated in the job description. Very few college or intern positions require a clearance, however when hired, many interns will begin the process of completing paperwork to obtain a clearance.  Because we work on a lot of projects for the government, the Department of Defense (DoD) requires that any Northrop Grumman employee that is working on a “cleared” program that is critical to our nation’s defense have undergone an extensive background process that shows they are “cleared” to be privy to this level of information.  Additional information can be found on our security clearance page.  If you already hold a clearance, please make sure it is conveyed on your application and highlighted on your resume. 

13.  Does Northrop Grumman provide employment sponsorship for F-1 Visa students?
No. Due to our government contractor status, Northrop Grumman is unable to provide employment sponsorship to students on F-1 Visa Status. 

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