Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services
Employees from our legal department paint murals for hospitals in partnership with the Foundation for Hospital Art.

Our focus on health and human services supports disaster relief and issues that are determined to be critical local needs.

The company has a long standing partnership with the American Cancer Society focusing on the Relay for Life program. When we established our partnership with Relay for Life several years ago our employee fundraising goal was $50,000. Since that time we have been able to triple that amount. In 2018, hundreds of employees participated in events across the country and raised over $165,000.

Relay for Life

Human Services

As part of Hunger Action Month in September, employees annually support the organization Rise Against Hunger by volunteering to create meal packs. These packs provide sustenance throughout the world in school food programs, orphanages and crisis relief efforts. Since 2013, 679,968 meals have been packed by over 3,400 Northrop Grumman employee volunteers.

Disaster Relief

During natural disasters our employees often provide financial donations, collect essential items through drives and donate blood. In addition, Northrop Grumman provides annual contributions to American Red Cross and Americares to assist with ​disaster relief efforts as they happen.

American Red Cross Disaster Responder

Northrop Grumman is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Responder Program, which helps to build a reliable funding base for disaster relief services. During a crisis or tragedy, our contributions can help offset a range of expenses and help to ensure that the Red Cross can rapidly be on the scene of a disaster. Further details about how employees can help can be found here.

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We are also an Americares Annual Emergency Response Partner. Their emergency response experts are among the first to respond and stay as long as needed, helping restore health services for survivors. Americares monitors disaster events around the world, conducts in-country needs assessments, pre-positions emergency medical and relief supplies and maintains emergency response expertise, capabilities and pharmacy inventories.