Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman (ECHO) Program

Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman (ECHO) Program 

ECHO Annual Report

Employees Charity Organization (ECHO) is a separate, nonprofit organization which enables employees to make turnkey payroll contributions to their favorite 501(c)(3) charities. Schools, robotics clubs, animal shelters, food banks, conservation organizations, as well as the United Way, are just a few types of organizations employees support through ECHO. Northrop Grumman pays all of the administrative costs, which ensures 100 percent of the tax-deductible donations go directly to charity.

Eligible Participants:

  • Active full-time employees
  • Part-time employees (20+ hrs/week)
  • International employees can also participate if the designated charity is based in the United States

Ineligible Participants:

  • Retired employees
  • Employees on leave of absence
  • Contract employees
  • Spouses or children of current full time employees
  • At this time, ECHO is not available to the Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems sector.

Employees have three options to provide charitable contributions:

Employee Self-selected Charities: Designated contributions to a wide range of tax-deductible charities are available. The minimum donation is $1 and contributions will start taking place on the employee’s next pay period. Donation amounts can be stopped or changed at any time. Contributors can donate to an unlimited number of organizations. Employees may select an organization by searching our online database, or they may add a new IRS-approved charity. Funds are distributed bi-annually and a letter accompanies the checks indicating the employee donor name.

ECHO Community Outreach Funds: In select communities with large employee populations, ECHO offers Community Outreach Funds. ECHO accepts grant requests from local non-profits requesting funds to meet critical needs in that community. Led by employee volunteers, a committee from each community reviews and awards grants based on available funds. Employees can select to allocate some or all of their ECHO funding to an outreach fund, which, in turn, is pooled with other employees’ funding.

ECHO Holiday Funds: Employees’ contributions can provide grants to charities during the holiday season. Northrop Grumman will contribute $1,000 to each ECHO Holiday Fund that raises $1,000 or more. 

Employees interested in registering for ECHO or obtaining their year-end tax statement should visit the ECHO section of the My Giving portal.

For more information please contact ECHO@NGC.com