Valuing Diversity and Inclusion at Northrop Grumman

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion

Northrop Grumman defines valuing diversity as a management philosophy that when we recognize, acknowledge, become more aware and embrace the differences in culture and backgrounds that all colleagues bring to the company, then and only then can the company leverage our dynamic assets to drive business success.

The chart above depicts the many differences we bring to the workplace. There are differences that we can see and others that are invisible. Only when we genuinely engage others in a trustworthy manner will our colleagues respond likewise.

However, diversity is only valuable if we have an “inclusive” work environment where all colleagues treat each other with respect. Inclusion is the feeling that you are included in communications and direct engagement from top down — including your immediate supervisor. It is also a feeling that your opinion counts — you are genuinely being asked to provide your input and suggestions to improve work processes and drive business results. Ultimately, inclusion is having an engaged workforce where everyone is a key stakeholder.