An Allied Effort

Building tomorrow’s cyber defense workforce is a critical global priority. With a 1.8 million person shortfall in Cyber Security professionals over the next 5 years, we are in urgent need of talent. Addressing this challenge is a top priority for us, and requires global approach. To inspire young talent toward careers in Cyber Security, we have partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK to sponsor CyberCenturion, the UK’s first team-based cyber security contest.

Now in its fifth year, this cyber competition aims to engage the next generation of cyber talent to close the UK’s Cyber skills gap and encourage careers in the industry. This educational initiative is indicative of the our lasting commitment to seek out the UK’s best young talent and create a qualified and homebred cyber workforce. CyberCenturion is the only cyber defense competition in the U.K. dedicated to the 12-18 year-old age group.


BBC Click: CyberCenturion Video