You Have To See The Rest Of What May Be The Coolest Shot Of The B-2 Stealth Bomber Ever

Jul. 6, 2018
The War Zone takes a look at an image of the B-2 Spirit taken by Michael L. Abramson in 1999.

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Texas legislators write in support of Dyess AFB as principal base for B-21

Aug. 17, 2018
Senators Jon Cornyn and Ted Cruz penned a letter to Secretary of the Air Force Dr. Heather Wilson expressing their support of Dyess Air Force Base, near Abilene, Texas, as B-21’s principal base.

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The U.S. Air Force’s First Flying Wing Jet Flew Way Back in 1949

May 22, 2018
Popular Mechanics examines how the YB-49 bomber laid the foundation for future flying-wing bombers, including the B-2 Spirit and the B-21 Raider.

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Air Force selects locations for B-21 aircraft

May 2, 2018
The Air Force announced that the B-21 Raider will replace B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit aircraft at three existing bomber bases beginning in the mid-2020s.

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Extending the range of the Air Force with the B-21

Mar. 2, 2018
Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA) emphasized how the B-21’s role is critical to national security — especially with the Air Force’s newly-released bomber vector report. Wittman said, "The Air Force understands that to effectively conduct an air campaign in the 21st century, the U.S. will need the capability only a long-range stealth bomber can provide. In other words, the U.S. needs the B-21 Raider as quickly as possible."

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“Number One [B-21 Characteristic] Needs to be Survivability” –David Deptula, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) USAF

Jan. 8, 2018
What one former combat commander and defense strategist thinks the B-21 Raider’s capability and technology will bring to the nation.

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Here's What The B-2's Arrival In Guam Means For North Korea, The Olympics, And More

Jan. 11, 2018
The B-2 brings a very unique, relevant, and feared set of capabilities to the region, but does its sudden presence mean war is just around the corner?

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Interview with Gen. Robin Rand, Head of Air Force Global Strike Command

Nov. 14, 2017
Gen. Robin Rand gave an exclusive interview to National Defense during the 2017 Global Strike Command Innovation and Technology Symposium, and offered his take on nuclear C3, GBSD, LRSO and the B-21 Raider.

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Air Force Seeks More Survivable Bomber Fleet

Jul. 20, 2017
The Air Force has ambitious plans for modernizing the air leg of the nation’s nuclear arsenal. But questions remain as to whether enough funding will be available for the service to meet its goals.

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To Libya and Back: Inside a Stealth Bomber Strike Against ISIS

Feb. 8, 2017
It was mid-January and the United States ended combat in Sirte a month earlier. Now, ISIS fighters are regrouping in a familiar place when they feel safe from U.S. intervention. They are mistaken.

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Long-Range Strike: ‘More Potent,’ More Survivable & Cheaper

Jan. 31, 2017
On January 19, the Air Force struck terrorist targets in Libya using B-2 stealth bombers. This was not the first strike in the country. A mix of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy fighters conducted strikes there 30 years ago in response to terrorist acts in Europe.

Comparisons between the two attacks illustrate the value of the unique combination of range, precision, large payload and stealth within a single aircraft.

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Why the B-2 Stealth Bomber Was Used to Strike ISIS Camps in Libya

Jan. 19, 2017
America's most valuable stealth combat aircraft might have seemed like an odd choice to bomb a target whose air defenses were neutered in 2011. It wasn't.

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B-21 Raider

Wanna Make Stuff Disappear? Learn How Stealth Technology Is Changing the Game

Sept. 14, 2017
Advances in stealth technology uncloak career opportunities for engineers… and other creative problem solvers.

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B-21 Raider

Tacit Blue: The Creation of Stealth

Apr. 4, 2017
Over a span of three years starting in 1982, Tacit Blue proved that the company’s technological breakthroughs in low observables were real – paving the way for the successful B-2A Spirit bomber and a slew of other stealthy designs over the next 35 years.

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B-21 Raider

Bomber presence displays global strike capability

Jan. 30, 2017
The B-2 Spirit bombers were used to display the flexible global-strike capability of the U.S. bomber force and the United States' commitment to supporting global security.

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B-21 Raider

B-2 Spirits destroy Daesh camps in Libya

Jan. 20, 2017
On January 18, Whiteman's Total Force team executed precision strikes against two Daesh camps in Libya.

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