OmegA - Counting Down to Launch

OmegA, Northrop Grumman’s intermediate/heavy-class rocket, serves a broad range of orbits for National Security Space Launch (NSSL). Its design leverages flight-proven technologies that have contributed to nearly 100 successful space launch missions.

The solid rocket propulsion on the first and second stages of OmegA draws on decades of reliable performance on the Space Shuttle, Minuteman, Trident (II) D-5, as well as targets and interceptors for missile defense. OmegA also employs advances in solid rocket technology to ensure sensitive payloads have a smooth ride. The Cryogenic upper stage is powered by flight-proven RL-10 engines.

The modular design of OmegA enables an affordable approach to meeting a wide range of mission requirements. Synergy with other flight components, avionics, solid propulsion systems and economies of scale provide significant cost savings for our customer.

Simpler Design, Low Risk

OmegA’s designers chose simplicity over reusability to provide the best value for our customer. Unlike complex reusable systems, which sacrifice payload capacity to carry return propellant, require production and maintenance of recovery systems and create refurbishment challenges, OmegA is fully expendable.

Based on 30 years of experience recovering solid rocket boosters from Space Shuttle launches, Northrop Grumman is confident the limited cost of our expendable rocket is far less than the cost of recovering any reusable components, especially given predicted launch rates for National Security Space and commercial payloads.

The OmegA rocket has extremely low risk factors compared to vehicles with unproven engines. For example, fewer moving parts result in fewer failure points. Solid rocket motors, which have a 100 percent success rate over the past 17 years, provide the first and second stage propulsion.

Breakaway view of Omega rocket stages

People You Trust

Successful space launches start with people on the ground you can trust.

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Time and again customers have turned to Northrop Grumman to quickly produce a variety of launch vehicles to satisfy their requirements. Employees demonstrate unrivaled commitment to our customers’ success by meeting milestones, overcoming challenges, and delivering affordable rockets on time.

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Northrop Grumman’s people put the customer’s mission first. The OmegA team shares insights, progress reports, temporary setbacks and mounting success throughout the design and certification process.



Northrop Grumman’s rocket designers keep their skills sharp by designing a new rocket every year. Due to the variety of our rocket business, our launch experts support 14 space and defense missions per year on average. Northrop Grumman employees have successfully launched nearly 80 space launch missions and more than 770 total missions (orbital and suborbital).

The Right Priorities

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Northrop Grumman places a priority on government missions and National Security Space. Our primary motivation is customer success; we are there when we are needed, every time.

OmegA is one of the company’s strategic priorities, alongside the iconic B-21 long range strategic bomber, the Global Hawk and Triton unmanned systems, and a wide variety of cyber, sensor and electronic capabilities.

An established, stable corporation with a diverse portfolio of contracts supporting the defense and intelligence communities, Northrop Grumman is proud to be a trusted partner of the Department of Defense.