Future Technical Leaders

Defining the Next Generation

How do you embrace the future of technology and engineering? At Northrop Grumman, we've developed the Future Technical Leaders (FTL) Program - a recruiting and professional development opportunity aimed at identifying and investing in Northrop Grumman's next generation of technologists and leaders.

In this forward-thinking program, master’s and Ph.D candidates will spend three years working on a variety of projects. From the technically innovative to the socially significant, candidates will experience an intriguing scope of projects. These on-the-job assignments will be supported through specialized training, networking opportunities and mentoring by experts in the field. And, senior management visibility will be unmatched.

Acceptance into the FTL Program is a privilege for which only a select few will be invited. Once selected, participants can expect to receive strong personal attention as we help them to strengthen their aptitude. In return, we expect their best. For some, the FTL Program may be the first career step in a series of esteemed Northrop Grumman development programs. Others may take a different path. And, only those who continue to excel will have the potential to become one of our next generation of technical and business leaders.

To be considered for an opportunity in the FTL Program, connect with us on-campus at an FTL Program information Session and/or submit your resume to your school’s Career Services center website under the Northrop Grumman FTL resume drop.

Q.How many applicants will be selected into the FTL Program?

A.The number of applicants selected as FTLs will vary each year. Only the top master's degree and PhD candidates in the areas of computer science, engineering and other related areas will be invited into the program, enabling Northrop Grumman to assign a dedicated mentor to every FTL participant.

Q.What happens after I graduate from the FTL Program?

A. The FTL Program is a three-year program. Once participation in the program is completed, members who have continued to excel will graduate from the program, with the potential to become our next generation of technical leaders at Northrop Grumman. Participants can expect to continue their career working on a variety of exciting projects, and are eligible to participate in other Northrop Grumman programs.


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