Frequently Asked Questions About Northrop Grumman Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions About the Northrop Grumman Application Process

How do I build my application profile?

Your profile is a crucial part of our application process. When creating your profile, please be as thorough and complete as possible. Information such as location preference and current security clearance information are especially valuable in the evaluation process. Providing this information will also help ensure you are contacted for other positions that meet your criteria, as recruiters routinely search the database for candidates that meet specific qualifications. Please review your profile regularly and keep your personal data and resume up to date. Remember, you can always monitor your status by using the “self service” feature in your profile.

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How is my resume reviewed?

Northrop Grumman receives thousands of resumes a month. Our Talent Acquisition staff is hard at work reviewing the resumes we receive. We use no resume screening software or any other type of automated process when reviewing your resume — so you can rest assured that if your submitted information is considered, an actual human being will be the one considering it!

What basic qualifications do you require?

The Basic Qualifications statement describes the type of credentials and experience a candidate is required to have in order to be considered for a particular opportunity at a particular point in time. When a requisition lists a particular set of qualifications, make sure your resume accurately reflects the skills listed.

What security clearances do you require?

Many positions within Northrop Grumman require that the employee have access to classified information. The government’s investigation and adjudication period for certain levels of clearance and restricted program access could be very lengthy. The hiring organization may not want to wait a long time for a person to start, or their budget may not accommodate starting someone before the required clearance is granted. As a result, the hiring organization may wish to only consider candidates possessing an active clearance as viable applicants for particular positions. Security clearance requirements are usually stated in the Basic Qualifications section of the position description; be sure to review them before starting the application process.

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