Environmental Stewardship

We are recognized for our commitment to the environment and the work we do to minimize the footprint of our operations. Our efforts go beyond our own operations and support conservation within our communities. We focus funding on efforts that contribute to greenhouse gas reduction, waste reduction and water conservation as well as to develop renewable energy sources.

EarthEcho Expeditions logo
Led by explorer and environmental advocate Philippe Cousteau, Jr., EarthEcho Expeditions provides professional development for teachers to learn new ways to excite and educate students about real world science. Each year, up to 25 middle school teachers examine local and global environmental concerns and learn how technology and engineering is used to address these issues. During each expedition, the teachers work together to create lesson plans that are available for free in English and Spanish.


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Through our relationship with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), we supported seven water supply projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Brazil, Madagascar and Tanzania. Four of the projects supported university student-led initiatives and three supported U.S.- based professional chapter projects.

Northrop Grumman provides funding for EWB's Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects through their International Community Program. In 2019, 2.1 billion people around the world continue to live without access to safe water. This water crisis traps the world's most vulnerable people in a cycle of poverty. A lack of clean water results in waterborne illnesses and keeps children, especially girls, out of school while they spend hours gathering water. EWB deploys seasoned WASH engineers which volunteer their technical skills and expertise to help communities address the WASH crisis.


Arbor Day Foundation
Our Arbor Day Foundation partnership has supported the U.S. Forest Service and Colorado State Forest Service replanting efforts in California and Colorado where wildfires left forestland barren. Our contributions also aided international forest projects such as a project in southwestern Guatemala's Sierra Madre Highlands. This project helped to reforest and protect key areas and watersheds in a region that is currently impacted by an annual deforestation rate of 1.6 percent.


Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Our support of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) includes a program which engages with teachers during a three day field experience at one of CBF's island residential education centers. Teachers “learn by doing” to incorporate and infuse environmental literacy into their classroom curriculum. They explore the wetlands, natural habitat and local Chesapeake Bay community, and use these experiences to craft and design lesson plans and classroom material. This opportunity advances each teacher's ability to use the environment as a context for student learning and achievement. Additionally, all teachers are offered a one day field experience for their student class, choosing from four field programs in Maryland. This experience brings classroom content to life for students, and provides real-life examples of how to apply curriculum, including STEM learning, to everyday situations.


Fairfax County Park Foundation
Through our partnership with the Fairfax County Park Foundation, Northrop Grumman provides funding for the Meaningful Watershed Education Experience. This program provides local elementary and middle school students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on educational program about the importance of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through classroom instruction and a field trip to the local nature center. It is our hope that this type of interactive learning experience can spark an interest in a young student to ultimately pursue a STEM career and also become a good steward of the environment. Northrop Grumman was awarded the Elly Doyle Park Service “Eakin Philanthropy Award” for our contributions to this program.


Grades of Green logo
The Grades of Green Climate Campaign seeks to improve the quality and sustainability of our climate by providing students in California with a broad knowledge of climate science. They help them understand the impact that climate change has on their communities and local infrastructure, and become aware of environmental inequality and the meaning of environmental justice.


Our employee resource group, greeNG, is dedicated to environmental stewardship both within the company and in our local communities. In partnership with local non-profits, greeNG members lead clean-ups of beaches, parks and waterways, as well as removal of invasive species.


For more information on how Northrop Grumman is actively working to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations, visit our Environmental Sustainability page.

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