GBSD Program — Studies and Reports

The U.S. Air Force's Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program will modernize the ground-based leg of the nuclear triad. Read key studies and reports about this critical weapon system.

July 30, 2019 – Hudson Institute Report Touts the Advantages of GBSD Program

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Fall 2018 – The Case for the U.S. ICBM Force

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April 2018 – Sustaining the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent: The LRSO and GBSD

Read the CSBA report here >>

March 2018 – U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments and Issues

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February 2018 – 2018 Nuclear Poster Review

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January 2017 – America’s Nuclear Backbone: The Value of ICBMs and the New Ground Based Strategic Deterrent

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2015 – Foreign Nuclear Developments: A Gathering Storm

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October 2015 – A Nuclear Strategy and Posture for 2030

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August 2015 – The Cost of U.S. Nuclear Forces: From BCA to Bow Wave and Beyond

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2014 – The Future of the U.S. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force

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2013 – Minimum Deterrence: Examining the Evidence

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December 2013 – The Future of America's Strategic Deterrent

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December 2013 – 2010 Nuclear Posture Review

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