Northrop Grumman’s Leadership in Modernizing and Developing the GBSD Program

Partner of Choice & Ready to Deliver

With over 65 years of leadership on every U.S. ICBM system, the Northrop Grumman nationwide team has the proven capability, capacity, and commitment needed to execute the GBSD program. The team will include highly skilled companies, large and small, with thousands of people across the United States directly working on this vital national security program.

The Northrop Grumman nationwide team has been working together for more than three years on this competitive Air Force acquisition. We are developing the concepts, technologies, and solutions necessary to meet the Air Force’s schedule while delivering an affordable, safe, and reliable GBSD system. The team has invested significantly in the people, facilities, and tools needed to be ready on day one and is committed to delivering a GBSD solution that meets the nation’s needs.


Why Choose Northrop Grumman for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent?

Northrop Grumman has helped deliver and sustain, since 1954 through today, every ballistic missile program in the history of the Air Force — Atlas, Thor, Titan I and II, Minuteman I, II, and III, Peacekeeper, and Small ICBM.

Northrop Grumman has served as the technical lead for every ICBM system ever developed and, through the Air Force’s ICBM Prime Integration Contract (IPIC), served as the only prime integration contractor supporting Minuteman III sustainment and modernization from 1998 to 2016.

Northrop Grumman has decades of experience executing on multiple large programs concurrently. Thousands of our employees are dedicated to designing and producing large, strategic missiles, and thousands more are working on related deterrence, cyber and communications programs.

GBSD is a top priority for Northrop Grumman, and with a strong track record of successful partnerships with customer communities and a nationwide team of suppliers and partners, we are ready to deliver a safe, reliable and affordable system.


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