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With its intuitive graphics, Flexible Standards interface, and live customer support, SureCAL® makes it easy to calibrate a wide range of equipment.

Introducing Test Manager 5.2

SureCAL's Test Executive has been completely rebuilt as a true Windows product. It's a new look with a familiar feel that's also fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Faster Automated Calibration with GPIB, USB, & LAN Flexible Standards using SureCAL's Test Manager 5.2.

What's new in 5.2

SureCAL Test Manager 5.2

Faster Automated Calibration with GPIB, USB, & LAN Flexible Standards using SureCAL's Test Manager 5.2


  • Currently supports x32 & x64 versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Legacy SureCAL® Software still works!
  • SureCAL's Trademark Flexible Standards Technology

New Features

  • Operating System developed with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Import multi-formatted files providing a paperless calibration solution
  • Archives are now stored in a standard PDF format for ease of exporting
  • Automated SureCAL® driver assignments of Flexible Standards
  • Manual custom driver assignments of Flexible Standards
  • SureCAL supports GPIB, USB, & LAN interfaces.
  • Advanced System Settings to fine tune your test performance based upon your hardware and software configuration

Instrument Drivers: The Key to Flexible Standards

No need to buy different calibration software from every calibrator manufacturer, when there is one software package that utilizes equipment from many manufacturers: Anritsu, Boonton, Fluke, Giga-tronics, Keithley, Keysight, Rhode & Schwarz, and Tektronix to name a few.

View complete inventory of instrument drivers.

Calibration Procedures

RF Components Package

Finally, a way to automate the calibration of RF Components in one convenient package!

RF Components Package

Using easy to read screens, operators have the flexibility to:

  • Select general measurement profiles or customize and save modified profiles
  • Define unit under test
  • Select measurement type
  • Select reference standards
  • Select test point optionsb
  • Select uncertainty calculation method
  • Select data output options

RF Components Supported:

Adapters, attenuators, coaxial bridges, bridge detectors, cables circulators, couplers, DC blocks, coaxial detectors, filters, isolators, mismatches, power dividers, power sensors (SWRonly), power splitters, RF switches, programmable switches and terminations.

Measurement Types Supported:

SWR, attenuation accuracy, attenuation flatness, attenuation linearity, conversion loss, coupling accuracy, coupling flatness, detector flatness, detector sensitivity, directivity, gain compression, high frequency roll-off, insertion flatness, insertion loss, isolation, low frequency roll-off, on/off ratio, passband flatness, S-parameters, tracking flatness.

Use typical test profiles or modify them to satisfy a variety of customer requirements.

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