SureCAL - Technical Notes

With its intuitive graphics, Flexible Standards interface, and live customer support, SureCAL® makes it easy to calibrate a wide range of equipment.

SureCAL - Technical Notes

  • TN 01 Do You have the Right Standards for SureCAL?
  • TN 02 SureCAL Software Development Plan
  • TN 03 Testing of UUT Options
  • TN 04 Safety Issues Concerning Abnormal Program Interruptions
  • TN 05 Policy on Developing Calibration Procedures
  • TN 06 LAN Installation
  • TN 07 Error 0163 When Launching SureCAL
  • TN 08 Creating or Modifying Cal Kit and Test Set Definition Files used in the SureCAL Power Sensor and RF Components Package | Worksheet
  • TN 09 Interpreting Acceptance Criteria as Reported in SureCAL
  • TN 10 Source Match Port 3 Of Sensor Feedthru (Power Splitter) Example: VNA:E8362b, CAL Kit:Hp85054b (Type N)
  • TN 11 How to Install SureCAL V5.2.x on a Client Workstation
  • TN 12 Vector Network Analyzer upgrade to SureCAL RF Components Package
  • TN 13 Adapter Substitution Techniques utilized in the SureCAL RF Components Package
  • TN 14 Sliding Load Techniques Utilized in the SureCAL RF Components Package
  • TN 15 Calibration of Power Splitters using the SureCAL RF Components Package

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