Telescopic Tube Masts (TTM)

Astro's Telescopic Tube Mast (TTM) is a lightweight, scalable, strong, and stiff deployable mast.


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Telescopic Tube Masts

Astro Aerospace's Telescopic Tube Mast (TTM) is a lightweight, scalable, strong, and stiff deployable mast. The mast is made up of tubular sections that stow within one another to form a compact stowed package. The mast is deployed using our high force STEM actuator. Deployment has been demonstrated for masts 110 feet in length with a push force of greater than 120 pounds. Astro's unique design allows the mast to be deployed and fully retracted while on-orbit.

There are two configurations of TTM: The sequentially deployed (Pinned) version and the lighter Pinless design.

Telescopic Tube Masts

The pinned mast deploys one segment at a time. Starting with the bottom most tube segment, it locks the tubes out sequentially using sets of precision pins between adjacent tubes, locking them in position until full deployment is reached. The mast is thus stable over the full length of deployment.

Telescopic Tube Masts

Astro Aerospace's Pinless Telescopic Tube Mast (TTM) is a reduced size and cost version of the Pinned TTM. The mast is not sequenced and is held in the deployed position by the driving STEM element. The design allows for tailoring in sizes as small as 1.5" diameter with lengths up to 20 ft. This mast is not as strong as the original pinned TTM, but in many applications where the on-orbit loads are typically low its simplicity and lower mass may be advantageous. The Pinless TTM has high repeatability, high stiffness, and reasonable strength. This mast can be made so that under an axial load the mast will retract and then spring back without damage making it suitable as a docking aid to absorb approach impact load.

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