Astro Aerospace

Astro Aerospace has pioneered the technology of space-deployable structures with a 100% success rate for more than 50 years.

Deployable Structures for Space Applications

Since 1958, Astro Aerospace has been a leader and pioneer in creating the technologies for space deployable structures. Astro's stellar 100% on-orbit deployment success record on hundreds of flight units and our continuing commitment to high quality means reliable space deployable products for your program. Whether it's a new application of existing technology or a challenging application requiring new mechanization and detailed engineering, Astro Aerospace's commitment to reliability, quality, and affordability ensures that your needs will be met quickly and reliably.

Our expertise in deployable structures ranges from complex systems like our furlable AstroMesh reflectors and extendable radar support structures to extendable/retractable boom and mast subsystems. All of our hardware is characterized by its efficient light weight structural design and robust deployment kinematics. Astro has a tradition of innovation that combined with our unmatched on-orbit performance. provides the assured mission success required in today's demanding space flight environment.