Storable Tubular Extendable Member (STEMâ„¢)

Astro's STEMâ„¢ product is a highly-customizable deployable structure that has flown since the 60's and boasts numerous applications.


Deployable Structures for Space Applications

100 % On-Orbit Deployment Success


Astro Aerospace's Storable Extendible Tubular Member (STEM) is a deployable structure that has flown since the 60's. Earlier programs of note include the Voyager spacecraft and the Apollo mission to the moon. The most current program is the James Webb Space Telescope. The STEM is piece of steel or other metal that rolls up flat on a drum and that returns to its circular shape on deployment via motor command. It is capable of pushing or pulling over 150 lbs which is useful as a deployment structure for other booms. This allows you to deploy a payload t hen use the pull force to create a high compression preload. The stowed STEM fits into a small space and can extend more than 133 times its stowed length. The STEM has proven itself in the following applications:

  • Antennas
  • Antenna support structure
  • Telescopic tube mast deployment device
  • Solar array support structure
  • Inspection tool support when access space is limited

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