Astro Aerospace - Products & Capabilities

Astro Aerospace has pioneered the technology of space-deployable structures with a 100% success rate for more than 50 years.


Astro Aerospace designs, manufactures, integrates, and tests space deployable products such as AstroMesh® reflectors, JIB Monopoles, Telescopic Tube Masts, Storable Tubular Extendable Member (STEM™) products, Extendable Support Structures (ESS), Hinges and Deployment Booms, and AstroMast® Booms. Since 1958, Astro Aerospace has deployed technology on hundreds of space flights with an unmatched 100% success rate on many critical space missions to Earth's orbit, Mars, and beyond.

AstroMesh® Reflector Family
AstroMesh® Reflector Family

The AstroMesh® Reflector is the most advanced and reliable deployable mesh reflector technology available.

JIB Monopoles
JIB Monopoles

With over 1000 units deployed on-orbit since 1963, the JIB Monopole antenna is a workhorse of Astro's deployable antenna product line.

Telescopic Tube Masts
Telescopic Tube Masts (TTM)

Astro's Telescopic Tube Mast (TTM) is a lightweight, scalable, strong, and stiff deployable mast.

Storable Tubular Extendable Member
Storable Tubular Extendable Member (STEM™)

Astro's STEM™ product is a highly-customizable deployable structure that has flown since the 60's and boasts numerous applications.

Hinges and Deployment Booms
Hinges and Deployment Booms

Astro's flight heritage hinge mechanisms, which derive from deployment booms for large reflectors, can be tailored or configured to any application.

Extendable Support Structure
Extendable Support Structure (ESS)

Astro's Extendable Support Structure is a deployable deep truss structure that stows in an extremely efficient package.

AstroMast™ Booms

The AstroMast™ is a lightweight, stiff coilable mast that was originally developed by Astro Aerospace.

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