Commercial Space Station

Commercial Space Station

Defining Possible in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO)

Proven in Space:

Building the Foundation for a New Space Economy

Northrop Grumman’s vision for space-as-a-service focuses on delivering an accessible, full-service commercial space station in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) that will continue the work of the International Space Station (ISS), while expanding across multiple markets to provide optimized and tailored support for a new commercial economy. Northrop Grumman envisions an accessible marketplace in space that includes the potential for scientific activities, tourism and more.

Northrop Grumman’s concept for a safe, reliable and cost-effective commercial space station employs trusted, adaptable technology from its ongoing human spaceflight and space operations program to enable more affordable, future civil and commercial missions that can aid in the creation and sustainment of a vibrant LEO economy. When paired with Northrop Grumman’s deep heritage with commercial spacecraft, the result will be a cost-efficient, and dependable design that supports multiple markets with room for growth.

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Northrop Grumman and Rhodium Scientific to Collaborate on Bio-Tech and Bio-Pharma Research in Low-Earth Orbit

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What Will You Do in LEO?

Northrop Grumman’s space station concept provides the foundation for a new economy in space.

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Work and Live in Space: Habitation Services

Designed for long-duration presence in low Earth orbit, Northrop Grumman’s station will have the volume and payload capacity to support necessary crew facili…


Build in Space: Orbital Manufacturing

Long-duration microgravity environment with accessible volume, optimized to produce materials and hardware.

Hand in glove holding sprout on dish

Discover in Space: Laboratory Facilities for Researchers

Science and technology facilities will be designed to augment research across a broad range of disciplines, including biology, human physiology, physical and ma…

space ship window looking at earth

Visit Space: Space Tourism

The trek to space will no longer be limited to a select few. Northrop Grumman’s destination-centric station design and customizable on-orbit Station Kits will…

Astronomy Class

Share Space: Educate and Entertain, and Create Impactful Messages

Northrop Grumman envisions the use of its space station as a platform for storytellers and teacher to inspire, engage and entertain the generations to come.

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Station Specifications

Northrop Grumman’s concept for a commercial space station in LEO expands on its demonstrated and ongoing technical expertise in human spaceflight to create an adaptable destination and marketplace in space that can be customized to support the evolving needs of this new economy.

Preliminary design capabilities and features include, but are not limited to:


  • Multiple exterior windows
  • Up to 6 docking ports for visiting vehicles and new modules
  • Science facilities (Ex: science glovebox, cold stowage, incubators)
  • Robotics capabilities
  • Real time video
  • External payloads capabilities
  • Crew facilities (quarters, hygiene, exercise, medical, more)

Turn-key Services NG and its Partners are developing plans for:

  • Tailored crew and payload training services
  • Launch and recovery/return services
  • Crew habitation services package includes room and board, hygiene kit, clothing kit, exercise plan, medical support, communications plan, more
  • Payload/science services for numerous payloads of varying sizes
  • External payload services that allow orientation of payloads with variety of boresights
  • Regularly scheduled crew and cargo services with proven providers
  • On-orbit power generation distributed at regulated 120V and 28V bus lines
  • Data interface support for multiple digital-serial and ethernet interfaces
  • Communication pathways from 300 Mbps to >1 Gbps downlink rate capability
  • Vibration isolation to support microgravity science payloads
  • Visual documentation services
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Commercial Space Stations in the News

Rhodium Scientific Logo

Northrop Grumman and Rhodium Scientific to Collaborate on Bio-Tech and Bio-Pharma Research in Low-Earth Orbit


Northrop Grumman and STAR HARBOR to Collaborate on Commercial Space Station Research and Astronaut Training

Space station

ISS in the Balance

The Space Review (Photo: NASA)

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NASA, companies reject concerns over commercial space station development schedules

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NASA, private companies count on market demand for future space stations after ISS (Photo: Axiom Space)

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