Metrology Services - Capabilities

The Metrology group offers a broad range of capabilities.


For more information on measurement capabilities and uncertainty ranges, see the Metrology Services Capabilities Brochure

DC/Low Frequency RF/Microwave Physical Dimensional Electro-Optics/Fiber Optics Special Measurements
AC Voltage Attenuation - 110 GHz* Flow Length Laser Power Phase noise measurements
AC Current RF Power - 110 GHz* Viscosity Surface Roughness Photographic Step Table Excess noise ratio measurements
AC Voltage - Ratio* Noise Figure - 110 GHz Mass Flatness Densitometers Microwave measurements to 110 GHz
Capacitance Excess Noise Ratio - 110 GHz* Force Optical-Dimensional Photometry Electro-optical
Inductance Network Analysis Torque Angle Ultra-Violet (UV)
Resistance* Time and Frequency* Vibration Hardness Solar Cell Irradiance
Phase Spectrum Analysis Acoustics Theodolites Spectral Irradiance
Low Frequency (2 GHz) S-Parameters - 110 GHz Pressure Total Irradiance
Frequency Response Vacuum Fiber Optic Power Meters
Risetime Leak Fiber Optic Sources
DC Volt* Temperature Fiber Optic Attenuators
DC Current Humidity Optical Spectrum Analyzers
Gas Analyzers
Air Velocity
Nuclear Radiation

*Accredited Parameters

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Metrology Services Data Sheet

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Measurement Science Conference (MSC)
National Conference Standards Laboratories International (NCSLi)

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (section 7.1.3) states:

When the customer requests a statement of conformity to a specification or standard for the test or calibration (e.g. pass/fail, in-tolerance/out-of-tolerance), the specification or standard and the decision rule shall be clearly defined. Unless inherent in the requested specification or standard, the decision rule selected shall be communicated to, and agreed with, the customer.

In order to meet the 2% PFA (Probability of False Accept), the NG SSSD Metrology Services Laboratory decision rule is defined as follows:


If you prefer a different decision rule, please reach out to your NG SSSD Metrology Services representative. The acceptance of NG Space Systems’ Decision Rule is as designated unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, prior to the start of the calibration.