Metrology Services - Typical Instruments Serviced

Typical Instruments Serviced

DC/Low Frequency RF/Microwave Physical Dimensional Electro Optic/Fiber Optic
AC Power Console Air Line Coaxial and Precision Accelerometer 1-2-3 Block Acoustic Calibrator
AC Voltage Calibrator Balanced Mixer Air Data Test Set Accelerometer Attenuator, Optical
AC Voltage Meter Bolometer Anemometer, Vane and Thermal Alignment Telescope Audio Analyzer
Air Ionization Monitor Calorimeter Barometer, Digital Angle Gage Block Set Densitometer, Optical
Alternator/Battery Tester Delay Line, Fixed and Variable Belt Tension Gauge Angle Plates and Vee Blocks Fiber Optic Cable Tester
Ammeter, AC, DC, Milli, Pico Directional Coupler Blackbody Source Angular Encoder Fiber Optic Meter
Amplifier, AC, DC, Current and Hi Impedance Field Intensity Meter Cable Tensiometer Autocollimator Fiber Optic Source
Arbitrary Function Generator and Cards Frequency Generator Click Bond Tester Caliper, Dial, Digital and Vernier Fiber Optic Splitter
Battery Charger and Analyzer Frequency Meter Conductivity (PH/Ion) Meter Chamfer Gage Illuminance Meter
BERT Transmitter and Receiver Frequency Standard Conductivity Bridge Clinometer Laser Beamsplitter
Bondascope Frequency Synthesizer Data Acquisition System Connector Gage Lightmeter, Digital
Calibrator, AC/DC Current Frequency Tripler Data Logger, Pressure and Temperature Coordinate Measuring Machine Lightmeter, UV
Capacitance Meter and Bridge IF Detector Module Dewpoint Meter Countersink Gages and Standards Lightwave Analyzer
Capacitor and Capacitance Standard Impedance Bridge Dynamometer Crimping Tools Microphone
Charge Amplifier Impedance Network Flow Meter, Gas Cross Test Level Monochromator
Coating Thickness Gage Measuring Receiver Force Gauge Depth Gage and Caliper Standard Noise Dosimeter
Communications Signal Analyzer Microwave Detector Frequency Converter Dial, Digital and Test Indicators Optical Power Meter
Conductance Standard Microwave Receiver, IF Unit Gas Analyzer Durocalibrator Photometer
Current Generator Microwave Short Gloss Meter Durometer, Type A and D Power Meter, Optical
Current Loop Simulator Microwave Switch Gram Scale Extensometer Power Sensor, Optical
Current Meter and Probe Modulation Analyzer Hot Plate Feeler Gage Radiometer Sensor
Current Sensor Network Analyzer Calibration Kit Humidity Meters and Hygrometers Gage Block Set Radiometer, Visible & UV
Current Shunt Network Analyzer, Vector and Scalar Hygro-Thermograph Glass Scales and Reticles Sound Level Meter
Current Transducer Noise Figure Meter Ion Gauge and Controller Hardness Tester, Rockwell Source Module, Laser
Current Transformer Noise Generator Leak Standard Height Gage Standard Spectral Irradiance Head
D/A Converter Noise Source Load Cartridge Jig Bore
Data Acquisition System Phase Comparator Load Cell System Jig Transit
Digital Multimeter Phase Noise Analyzer Manometer and Sensors Laser Distance Meter
Electronic Load Mainframe with Loads Phase Noise Measurement System Mass Comparator Laser Gage Standard
Electronic Timer Power Analyzer, Peak Multifunction Calibrator Length Bar
Field Monitor Power Divider pH Meter Level System, Electronic
Flaw Detector Power Meter Pitot Static Test Set Linear Indicator
Frequency Converter Power Sensor, RF and Peak RF Platform and Top Loading Scales Master Rolls and Cylinders
Frequency Counter Radiation Meter Pressure Gauge Master Square
Gauss Meter Reflection Test Set Pressure Regulator Measuring Microscope
Impedance Meter RF Amplifier, Distribution, Low Noise and Modulation Pressure Transducer Micrometer, Optical Depth
Inductor, Fixed and Variable RF Attenuator, Coaxial, Waveguide, Fixed and Variable Process Monitor Micrometers, Inside, Outside, Depth
Insulation Tester RF Cable Psychrometer Optical Encoder

DC/Low Frequency RF/Microwave Physical Dimensional Electro Optic/Fiber Optic
LCR Meter RF Downconverter Spring Tester Optical Flat
Line Analyzer RF Filter, Band Pass/ Reject and High/Low Pass Temperature Chambers and Controllers Optical Level
Logic Analyzer System RF Generators (Sweep, Word, Pulse, Data, Function) Temperature Indicator Optical Polygon
Logic Circuit Tester RF Load, Sliding Temperature Scanner Perpendicularity Gage, Digital
Multimeter, True RMS RF Mismatch Tensiometer Planer & Shaper Gage
Multiplexer RF Mixer (Harmonic) Thermocouple Plug Gage Set
Ohmmeter, Mega, Micro and Milli RF Power Divider Torque Driver Precision Bench Level
Oscilloscope and Plug-ins RF Short, Fixed and Variable Torque Tester Protractor, Bevel
Panel Meter, Digital RF Termination, Short, Sliding and Thermal Torque Transducer Protractors, Digital 360 and Bevel
Pattern Generator RF Terminations (Coaxial, Short, Sliding and Thermal) Torque Wrench Radius Gage Set
Phase Angle Meter Signal Source Vacuum Gage Controller Ring Gage
Phase Tester Slotted Line Vacuum Gage System Rotary Encoder
Power Analyzer, Harmonic S-Parameter Test Set Velometer Rotary Table
Power Quality Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer Weighing Scale Scale Bar
Power Supply, AC and DC Sweep Generator Sine Plates and Bars
Pulse Generator Thermister Mount Spring Loaded Gage
PXI Mainframe and Plug-ins Time Interval Analyzer Steel and Wyteface Scale
Ratio Transformer Vector Voltmeter Supermicrometer
RCL Meter Surface Plate
Reflectometer Surface Roughness Tester and Standard
Resistance Bridge Tape Measure
Resistance Decade Box and Decade Box Taper Gage
Resistance Meter Thickness Gauge
Resistor and Resistance Standard Thread Plug and Setting Gage
Shunt Thread Wire Set
Shunt Meter
Tachometer, Digital and Pocket
Thermal Converter
Time Code Generator
Time Delay Generator
Vibration Meter
Voltage Divider
Voltage Standard, DC
Voltmeter, AC and DC
Voltmeter, RMS/Peak
Voltmeter, True RMS
Waveform Generator and Digitizer
Word Error Detector
Word Generator
Wrist Strap Monitor
XY Recorder
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