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Northrop Grumman's Innovation in Space


DAWN Spacecraft

Uncovering the Relics of the Early Solar System

man in bunnysuit working on JWST sunshield

Engineering Marvel

The JWST Mega Sunshield Takes its Shape

The GEM 63XL motor ignites in its first static test firing.

Clearing the Smoke on Data Reduction

Asian man works on large part of space telescope

The Innovation Technology Paradox

Launching Solutions into Space

satellite above earth

A New Space Paradigm Calls for Purpose-Built Spacecraft

Northrop Grumman is accelerating the pace of new space technology develo…

A satellite orbiting the Earth in Space in dark sky

Ingenious Device Solves Aerospace Engineering Problems in a Pinch

rocket on launch pad

Keeping Astronauts Safe with NASAs Orion Spacecraft Launch Abort System

futuristic spacecraft above the moon

Spacecraft Design: The Art and Science of Breaking Barriers

missile launch through clouds

Rising to the Occasion: Northrop Grumman and the GBSD Program

Mars rover

Navigating Mars and Beyond with LN-200 Inertial Measurement Units

space telescope with purple skies and galaxies

Navigating the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

man in front of very large blue gear

How Do You Test Hypersonics System?