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rendering of missille being launched

New Air Force “Sentinel” ICBM to Fire Off 2024 – Counter Future Threats

Source: Warrior Maven – Center for Military Modernization

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rocket motor for Sentinel GBSD

Northrop Grumman Meets Rocket Motor Casting Milestone on Road to Sentinel’s First Flight

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GBSD launch silo

Air Force officially designates GBSD LGM-35A Sentinel

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(U.S. Air Force illustration)

Digitized unmanned plane flying over green mountains

How digital engineering is keeping the US firmly ahead of evolving threats

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rendering of missille being launched

New Air Force “Sentinel” ICBM to Fire Off 2024 – Counter Future Threats

By Kris Osborn

rendering of missille being launched

Sentinel and Raider: Where these two legs of the nuclear triad stand today

By Barry Rosenberg

US Navy Admiral speaking at press conference

US Military ‘Furiously’ Rewriting Nuclear Deterrence to Address Russia and China, STRATCOM Chief Says

By Tara Copp

Air Force Global Strike Command logo

AFGSC commander addresses SASC subcommittee

By Carla Pampe

rendering of missille being launched

GBSD Using Digital Twinning at Every Stage of The Program Lifecycle

By Shaun Waterman

Missile launch

Biden Security Priorities Confirm Critical Deterrence Needs

By Ben Nelson

soldier standing near missile

AEDC supporting Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program across the complex

By Jill Pickett

An engineer wearing a hardhat standing next to a missile

Why the Air Force’s ICBM Infrastructure Needs an Upgrade

September 25, 2021

Missile flying through the sky almost vertically

GBSD: First Missile Test Flight 2023, Initial Production 2026

September 22, 2021

workers setting up Nuclear Warhead

Survey Finds Broad Public Support for Nuclear Deterrence, Modernization

September 15, 2021

military aircraft flying in the blue sky

Strategy & Policy

July 22, 2021

Missile Deterrence with workers preparing it

New GBSD Will Fly in 2023; No Margin Left for Minuteman

June 14, 2021

missiles ready for launch

Four things to know about CBO’s nuclear spending report

May 31, 2021

air force general visiting military personnel

CSAF Emphasizes Safe, Secure and reliable Nuclear Deterrence During SAC D Chairman Visit to Malmstrom

May 27, 2021

missile on vehicle

Is the U.S. Military Facing a Nuclear Missile Gap?

May 20,2021

Nuclear Deterrence missile flying into the sky leaving smoke trail from the ground

Nuclear Deterrence Remains Department’s Highest Priority Mission

May 13, 2021

Just as the U.S. commitment to defend itself and its allies is unwavering, so too must U.S. nuclear policy remain consistent.
Rep. Mike Gallagher

Admiral in a news conference

DoD News Release Nuclear Triad Modernization the Nation’s Highest Priority, Admiral Says

April 22, 2021

an Air Force base

Vandenberg AFB chosen as preferred location for GBSD FTU

April 1, 2021

high view of nuclear weapon warhead

U.S. nuclear weapons are aging quickly. With few spare parts, how long can they last?

March 29, 2021

US Senator Jon Tester

US Senator Jon Tester delivers opening remarks at Advanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance Virtual (video)

March 2021

infographic video of ground base strategic deterrent

Ground Based Strategic Deterrent: USAF Video

March 29, 2021

nuclear defense missile

Heritage Commentary: Nuclear Modernization Is Our Top Defense Priority, and America Can Afford It

March 25, 2021

chart of Russia and US warhead counts

Heritage Report: Extending New START Makes U.S. Nuclear Modernization Imperative

March 16, 2021

front view of stationed stealth bomber

New Threats Demand Nuclear Modernization

March 2, 2021

missile flying into the sky at night time

Facts Matter, Especially for Nuclear Policy

January 21, 2021

Modernizing our nuclear triad is an opportunity to live up to the expectations of our constituents…
Former Sen. Ben Nelson

Air Force logo

Air Force Acquisition Executive Unveils Next E-Plane, Publishes Digital Engineering Guidebook

January 19, 2021

military personnels working in an office

Work Progressing on Next-Gen ICBM Program

January 16, 2021

missile flying through the night sky giving off rocket trail

Minuteman III Missiles Are Too Old to Upgrade Anymore, STRATCOM Chief Says

January 6, 2021

military aircrafts flying over a coastline

Our Allies Need US To Modernize Nuke Triad: Gen. Ray

December 10, 2020

missile launched into the sky at night

Why We Need a New ICBM by Maj. Shane Praiswater

December 7, 2020

Next-Gen Nuclear Missile Viewed as Pathfinder

December 4, 2020

Air Force logo

Department of the Air Force awards contract for new ICBM system that enhances, strengthens US Triad

Sept. 8, 2020

missile flying into the night sky

Keep modernization of the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program on track

June 2020

Air Force logo

Air Force reviews preliminary design for future ICBM

May 15, 2020

In brief, the land-based deterrent’s principal value rests in its ability to deter an attack…
Andrew Krepinevich
Defense Policy Analyst