Advanced Technology and Innovation

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The result of constantly questioning and problem solving? A shared purpose that puts Northrop Grumman on the forefront of innovation and advanced technology development, everywhere from below the waves to above the atmosphere. […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Northrop Grumman’s leadership in secure and ethical Artificial Intelligence goes beyond the technical and considers the legal, policy and social implications while considering the justified confidence in AI systems. […]

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Advanced Networking Technology

Northrop Grumman connects domains through the design and delivery of leading integrated Communications, Navigation and Identification systems; software-defined, all-domain network radios; cutting-edge information assurance and multi-level security offerings; advanced waveform technologies; open architecture gateway capabilities; and emerging Internet of Military Things applications. […]

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Next Generation Interceptor

Building on decades of experience as a prime contractor for major defense programs, Northrop Grumman will provide a comprehensive NGI solution that supports operational deployment to urgent national security needs. […]

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Can Artificial Intelligence Apply Gaming to Military Strategy?

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DARPA awarded the Gamebreaker contract to Northrop Grumman in May 2020 and now Erin Cherry, Ryan McKendrick and Bradley Feest and other colleagues are using AI models to discover the edge found in a game. Erin Cherry, Ph.D. Program Manager        Ryan McKendrick, Ph. D. Staff Cyber Systems Engineer & Technical Fellow        Bradley Feest […]

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What’s the Frequency? An AI Algorithm Can Help with That

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While chaos, disorder and panic can follow a disaster if public communication breaks down, Michelle Jin realized an AI algorithm could essentially cut through competing radio signals to find a proper frequency that would benefit first responders and victims in a disaster zone. […]

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NG Next – Team

Home | Publications | Research | Team | Contact | Careers Basic Research Scientists Dr. Michael Barako Staff Scientist Nanomaterials Dr. Don DiMarzio Principal Scientist Nanomaterials Dr. Kate Fountaine Staff Scientist Nanophotonics & Plasmonics Dr. Vincent Gambin Principal Scientist and Group Lead New Semiconductors & Devices Dr. Juan Garcia Principal Scientist Nanophotonics & Plasmonics Dr. […]

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight COVID-19 – White House Challenge

Calling on high-tech companies across the country to step up in this time of crisis, the White House issued an Artificial Intelligence Challenge on March 16. The objective: use artificial intelligence or information technology innovations to predict, act or communicate to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on individuals, supply chains and the economy. One of […]

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