Answering the Call, Together

White female wearing mask working in a manufacturing environment.

Our Response to COVID-19 Northrop Grumman and our employees are working together and supporting each other, and the nation, in the fight against COVID-19. Our priority is to keep our employees healthy and safe, at work and at home, and we are providing expanded resources to support them with the increased challenges we all face. […]

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Introducing, the new Northrop Grumman logo.

animated logo

Here at Northrop Grumman we’re used to change. Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, we’re constantly adding exciting new capabilities, and our employees never stop finding new ways to solve the world’s toughest challenges. Around here, change is good. We’re excited to share our new brand with you. It was designed with the people of […]

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Defining Possible

We are a pioneering company. Every day, at Northrop Grumman sites around the world, we are questioning, problem solving, designing and building our way toward Defining Possible. Defining Possible tells the story of a company leading the way. It’s an ethos that is future-driving and optimistic. It is a rallying cry and a uniting call.  […]

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