Joy on the Manufacturing Floor

Hardware Cables

Lucille is an engineering manufacturing specialist who embodies and inspires joy on her shop floor. Affectionately known as “Miss Lucy” by her colleagues in Baltimore she is dedicated to advanced aircraft. “It’s a joyful thing,” she says. “Everyone comes together to get jobs done.” Those jobs can be many for Lucille, with her different hats […]

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Brawn Brains and Beauty

A man works with a litening pod on a factory floor

Northrop Grumman is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. The latest industrial revolution is about leveraging four key digital technologies to optimize resources, enable faster decision making based on real-time data, and to produce higher quality products at a reduced cost. […]

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Sonoma Photonics Products and Capabilities

Processes Substrate Materials Applications Positive and Negative Tone Resists Dual Layer Lift-off Process Etch-back Process (wet & dry) Patterning of up to 1mm thick films Front to Back Alignment Capability Roll to Roll Capability GDSII and DXF compatible Flexible Kapton, Mylar 6″ to 36″ wide, 10 LF sections Rigid Glass, Polymer, Metal 0.5″ to 12″ […]

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Advanced Technology and Innovation

woman smiling

The result of constantly questioning and problem solving? A shared purpose that puts Northrop Grumman on the forefront of innovation and advanced technology development, everywhere from below the waves to above the atmosphere. […]

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Careers in Digital Engineering

command room with monitors

Embark on a digital engineering career putting innovative, reliable, and agile products and ideas into the air, undersea, on land into orbit or across multiple domains at Northrop Grumman. […]

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Navigating the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

space telescope with purple skies and galaxies

The team behind Northrop Grumman’s Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit navigation system is working to make sure the Roman Space Telescope can stabilize and point in the right direction, even when it’s extremely far from home for many years. […]

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military fighter jet about to fire missile

The difference between success and failure in the battlespace can come down to who has the technological advantage. It’s why Northrop Grumman builds weapons that don’t just work, they give our forces the edge. […]

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Disruptive Concepts and Technologies: Quantum Technology

brown skinned man writing on a white board

Until recently, the more exotic effects of quantum technology were limited to academic experiments. A research team within Northrop Grumman is incorporating emerging developments in quantum technology to provide capabilities not found in the realm of classical physics. […]

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Next Generation Interceptor

Building on decades of experience as a prime contractor for major defense programs, Northrop Grumman will provide a comprehensive NGI solution that supports operational deployment to urgent national security needs. […]

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What’s the Frequency? An AI Algorithm Can Help with That

silhouette of transmission towers at sunset

While chaos, disorder and panic can follow a disaster if public communication breaks down, Michelle Jin realized an AI algorithm could essentially cut through competing radio signals to find a proper frequency that would benefit first responders and victims in a disaster zone. […]

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