Technical Details for the James Webb Space Telescope

Technical Details Mission Lifetime 5 years (10-year goal) Orbit L2 (the Second Sun-Earth Lagrange Point), 1,500,000 km from Earth Sunshield Dimensions Approximately 22 meters x 12 meters Primary Mirror 6.5 meter diameter aperture Wavelength Coverage 0.6 to > 27 microns Diffraction Limit 2.0 microns One-Year Sky Coverage 100% Telescope Operating Temperature ~45 Kelvin (-380˚F) Payload […]

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A rocket launching in front of a smoke covered night sky lit up by the flames from the rocket.

We provide end-to-end space capabilities for a broad range of customers like NASA, the Department of Defense (DoD), US Air Force, US Space Force and a variety of commercial entities. Northrop Grumman will win the future of space. […]

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A Lasting Legacy

Black woman at computer station

How a NASA legend’s family helped insprire my career By Freddie Langley As one of the key flight controllers on the NG-15 mission that sent the S.S. Katherine Johnson Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station in February 2021, I had what you could call a full-circle moment. My connection to the NG-15 namesake, Katherine […]

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