Weapons: Giving Warfighters the Edge

Game changing solutions to support our military’s end-to-end fight

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Northrop Grumman Builds Hypersonic Center of Excellence to Support National Security

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Northrop Grumman offers solutions that give our forces the edge throughout the entirety of their missions.

The difference between success and failure in the battlespace can often come down to who has the technological advantage. It’s why we build weapons that don’t just work, they give our forces the edge.

For decades, Northrop Grumman has protected U.S. forces and our allies by designing, developing and delivering weapons of increasing complexity and capabilities for expanded missions and domains. We continue to build upon that legacy to pioneer weapons that consistently outmatch the range, speed, precision and firepower of fielded enemy weapon systems, with the parameters of current platforms in mind.

Northrop Grumman’s weapon solutions define possible from tip-to-tail, integrating legacy capabilities with innovative technology for the toughest missions with increased survivability, speed to the field, and affordability at the forefront.



Stand Off

Networking & Secure Comms

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Battlefield Ingenuity

We are constantly creating new ways to meet or exceed our warfighters’ mission requirements. Whether it’s applying current systems or introducing revolutionary design, we’re at the forefront of offensive and defensive weapons development.

News About Weapons

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Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract to Replace Aging ICBM System

Solider setting up 155mm artillery projectiles

Northrop Grumman Surpasses Production of 50,000 Artillery Precision Guidance Kits

Northrop Grumman’s 1000th AARGM Ceremony

Northrop Grumman Reaches Critical Design Milestone for AARGM-ER

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Northrop Grumman’s Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Continues to Protect the US Navy

Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze

Northrop Grumman Awarded $110 Million for US Air Force Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze

B-2 Stealth Bomber

Northrop Grumman to Manufacture New All-Electronic Bomb Fuze

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Northrop Grumman Selected for US Army Stryker Vehicle High Energy Laser Initiative

Very Light Weight Torpedo

Northrop Grumman Builds Very Lightweight Torpedo for US Navy

Scramjet Combustors Northrop Grumman

Scramjet-powered Tactical Missile Systems

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How Do You Test Hypersonic Systems?

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Propulsion Control Systems Keep Their Cool With New Aerospace Technology