Strike Missiles

Strike Missiles

Giving the Warfighter the Edge in Stand-Off Capabilities

Northrop Grumman provides the warfighter and its allies with affordable and technically mature advanced high-speed long range strike weapon solutions for use against today’s modern surface-to-air threats.

Providing the warfighter standoff capabilities is imperative to keeping aircrews safe while executing missions. By incorporating stand-off capabilities onto the aircraft, the aircrew is able to rapidly engage land- and sea-based air-defense threats, as well as striking, time-sensitive targets, while remaining outside of lethal engagement envelopes.

missile being shot from a fighter jet

Stand-In Attack Weapon (SiAW)

Northrop Grumman has invested to mature and test its missile design, which meets U.S. Air Force requirements for SiAW and other programs. Harnessing in-house digital engineering capabilities, Northrop Grumman is completing the preparations to launch its missile in 2022. To address changing mission requirements, the solution features open architecture interfaces which will bridge current requirements with future upgrades.


Northrop Grumman’s AARGM-ER is a supersonic, air-launched tactical missile system, upgrading legacy Advanced Anti Radiation Guided Missile systems with advanced range to perform suppression and destruction of enemy air defense missions.

AARGM-ER is the most advanced system for pilots against today’s modern surface-to-air threats. It is able to rapidly engage land- and sea-based air-defense threats, as well as striking, time-sensitive targets.

Close up of the end of the XM913 Chain Gun

Beyond Line of Sight Applications

Keeping our warfighters safe is a top priority for Northrop Grumman. We have introduced new gun technology and ammunition that our forces can precisely fire without being spotted by our adversaries. We make it possible for tanks to become an asset on the battlefield for longer ranges, with no new platforms needed.

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