Patterned Thin Films

Patterned Thin Films

SEM image of Dual Layer Photoresist Lift-Off Profile

3mm x 5mm CCD multi-color monolithic filter on 4" diameter wafer

12" x 12" glass with patterned Dark Mirror coating for solar cell application

Processes Substrate Materials Applications
  • Positive and Negative Tone Resists
  • Dual Layer Lift-off Process
  • Etch-back Process (wet & dry)
  • Patterning of up to 1mm thick films
  • Front to Back Alignment Capability
  • Roll to Roll Capability
  • GDSII and DXF compatible
  • Kapton, Mylar
  • 6" to 36" wide, 10 LF sections
  • Glass, Polymer, Metal
  • 0.5" to 12" dia

  • Reticles
  • Solar Cells
  • Coverglass
  • Filter arrays
  • RF circuits
  • R-cards

Aligner Maximum Substrate Size Minimum Feature Size Registration Tolerance
Suss MA6 6" diameter x 2mm thickness 2µm +/-0.5µm +/-2µm
SPI Gen1 12" x 12" x 4" 5µm +/-1µm +/-15µm
SPI Genn II 36" x 120" x 4" 10µm +/-3µm +/-25µm

*Actual values dependent on film thickness and uniformity

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