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Sonoma Photonics provides support for several aspects of the product development cycle as certified by the AS9100 standardized quality management system.

Products | Capabilities

Patterned Thin Films
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Metrology and Reliability
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Rugate Filter for Laser Line Suppression
Optimized for 3 bands with wide angle requirement and OD>3

Polarizing Optics
Through the use of a compensation beamsplitter a non-polarized wavefront can be accomplished at the image focal plane.

Narrow Bandpass Filter
1 nm wide filter at O° & 8° AOI

Precision Uniformity
0.04% Non-Uniformity Over 8 inch Diameter Optic

Patterned Resistive Coating
For Tailorable Impedance Card (TIC)

Gravure Coatings
For application of a Polymer Planarizing film

Appliqué Films
For Optical, Resistive, and Magnetic treatments

Long & Short Wave Bandpass Filters
4 "color filters" patterned on one substrate

Large Area Coating on Flexible Substrate
3' x 10' section on Kapton

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