Products and Capabilities

Sonoma Photonics provides support for several aspects of the product development cycle as certified by the AS9100 standardized quality management system.

hexagon grid over blue and purple background

Products and Capabilities

Patterned Thin Films

Sonoma Photonics - SEM image of Dual Layer Photoresist Lift-Off Profile

SEM image of Dual Layer Photoresist Lift-Off Profile

multi-color monolithic filter on wafer

3mm x 5mm CCD multi-color monolithic filter on 4" diameter wafer

Processes Substrate Materials Applications

Positive and Negative Tone Resists

Dual Layer Lift-off Process

Etch-back Process (wet & dry)

Patterning of up to 1mm thick films

Front to Back Alignment Capability

Roll to Roll Capability

GDSII and DXF compatible


Kapton, Mylar
6" to 36" wide, 10 LF sections


Glass, Polymer, Metal
0.5" to 12" dia



Solar Cells

Filter arrays

RF circuits

Aligner Maximum Substrate Size Minimum Feature Size Registration Tolerance
Suss MA6 6" diameter x 2mm thickness 2µm +/-0.5µm +/-2µm
SPI Gen1 12" x 12" x 4" 5µm +/-1µm +/-15µm
SPI Genn II 36" x 120" x 4" 10µm +/-3µm +/-25µm

*Actual values dependent on film thickness and uniformity

Metrology and Reliability

•Cary 500 Spectrophotometer, 175 – 3300nm, -77K to 350K •Perkin Elmer 983 Spectrophotometer, 2 – 55μm

•Woollam Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, 250-1700nm, 2 – 33µm

•Nikon HighResolution Microscope, ± 0.29 µm resolution

•Auto Collimator

•Zygo Interferometer, λ /20 @ 633nm

•Zygo Interferometer, λ / 100 @ 1550nm

•Dektak Profilometer, 1µm to 1mm thick, 4" lateral profile

•Humidity Chamber, 5-95% RH

•Thermal Cycling Oven, 10-200C

Sonoma Photonics - Nikon High Resolution Microscope ± 0.29 µm

Nikon High ResolutionMicroscope ± 0.29 µm

Sonoma Photonics - Zygo Interferometer

Zygo Interferometer

Sonoma Photonics - Woollam Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, 250-1700nm, 2 – 33µm

Woollam Ellipsometer

Additional Capabilities

Laser wavelength chart

Rugate Filter for Laser Line Suppression

Optimized for 3 bands with wide angle requirement and OD>3
Chart of Polarizing Optics Through the use of a compensation beamsplitter

Polarizing Optics

Through the use of a compensation beamsplitter a non-polarized wavefront can be accomplished at the image focal plane.
Chart of Narrow Bandpass Filter

Narrow Bandpass Filter

1 nm wide filter at O° & 8° AOI
Chart of Precision Uniformity

Precision Uniformity

0.04% Non-Uniformity Over 8 inch Diameter Optic
Sonoma Photonics - Gravure Coatings

Gravure Coatings

For application of a Polymer Planarizing film
Sonoma Photonics - Appliqué Films

Appliqué Films

For Optical, Resistive, and Magnetic treatments
Chart of Long & Short Wave Bandpass Filters

Long & Short Wave Bandpass Filters

4 "color filters" patterned on one substrate
Large Area Magnetic Coating on Flexible Substrate

Large Area Coating on Flexible Substrate

3' x 10' section on Kapton

About Us

Founded in 2000 and acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2009, SPI has vast expertise and proven success in developing and providing superior thin film products to our aerospace, military, and commercial customers. Our high-precision coating capabilities span the Optical & Infra-Red (UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR), and the RF spectral wavelengths to meet a vast range of applications and system needs. Utilizing advanced plasma beam and magnetron sputtering deposition techniques, SPI manufactures precision optical filters, mirror coatings, and large area magnetic and resistive films.

SPI is located in Santa Rosa, California, in the heart of wine and craft beer country. Our footprint includes 50,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, cleanrooms and metrology.

Sonoma Photonics is certified to the AS9100 standardized Quality Management System (QMS)