Data Link Processing and Management

Northrop Grumman offers world-class expertise in tactical data link (TDL) technology. No other TDL products are as widely used.

Data Link Processing and Management

Our planning and management software are the industry standards for satellite communications, RF/wireless, and TDLs. We are also the premier provider of multi-link and interoperability certification tools. And, we were the first company to deliver and market a secure wireless LAN solution good enough to support military and intelligence applications.



GM - Gateway Manager
Powerful data link router and forwarder gives commanders the ability to network multiple platforms communicating on different protocols while providing a comprehensive operational picture in real time. Hosts and emulates more JTIDS/MIDS terminals than any gateway available. Controls data communications locally and remotely, making it a flexible tool for managing tactical networks. GM is offered commercially and on NAVSEA's hardware and engineering services contract.

MLSG - Multi-Link Service Gateway
MLSG is not just another router; it enables Link 16, Link 22 and VMF communications on new and existing platforms. For maritime and headquarters installations, MLSG processes JREAP A, B and C; Link 22, link 16; Link 11 and VMF messages.

Tactical Network Planning & Management

RTSA – Real Time Situational Awareness
RTSA leverages the technology developed on the BACN (Battlefield Airborne Communications Node), ROBE (Roll-on Beyond Line-of-Sight Enhancement), and RTIC (Real Time Information In the Cockpit) programs to provide a low-cost, certified tactical network capability to ensure SA in the cockpit.

SUDS enables continued communications in a satellite denied environment – with no equipment changes necessary.

LMS – Link Management System
LMS is composed of two major components. LMS (Link Management System) is the engine for TDL monitoring, management and analysis.

LMS View powers 3-D situational awareness displays that present the operational tactical picture.

Network Simulation Tools

MLST3 - Multi-Link System Test and Training Tool
The leading DoD data link simulation system. Perfect for development support testing, qualification testing, platform integration, tactical data systems certification, readiness testing, and training. Performs data link certification for SPAWARSYSCEN programs.

TIGER – Tactical Data Link Integration Exerciser
Proven interoperability stimulation/simulation system with Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, JREAP-C, DIS, SIMPLE, SWIF, and TIF capabilities. TIGER is used worldwide, can be tailored to meet customer requirements and comes in a variety of mobile and fixed hardware configurations.


BACN – Battlefield Airborne Communications Node
Prototype for a remotely accessed, high altitude tactical communications and networking node intended for use on a variety of airborne, maritime and ground platforms. Northrop Grumman demonstrated BACN's network-centric enhancement of battlespace communications and intelligence sharing by implementing the first-ever real-time download and distribution of sensor information from an F-22 Raptor fighter to F-15 and F-16 aircraft via the F-22-unique datalink. BACN is part of the Air Force initiative called Objective Gateway, which will be modular and scalable, with Internet IP-based networking capabilities that service theater-wide operational and tactical users. GM was used on BACN.

Smart Node Pod
Like the larger BACN system, the Northrop Grumman Smart Node Pod provides a communications payload that bridges data and voice communications and projects networking capabilities to the forward edge of the battlefield. The Smart Node Pod provides a communications gateway capability for manned and remotely piloted aircraft, extending needed communications capabilities to disadvantaged users at the edge of the Joint Aerial Layer Network (JALN).

BAMS UAS - Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aerial System
Northrop Grumman as prime to provide persistent maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data collection and dissemination capability to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF). The BAMS UAS is a multi-mission system to support strike, signals intelligence, and communications relay as an adjunct to the MA/P-3 community to enhance manpower, training and maintenance efficiencies worldwide. BAMS is a Multi-team effort in which we provide Tactical Communications (Tactical Radios: SINCGARS, HAVEQUICK, VOIP, Comms Relay, VMF and Link 16 integration, link message processing); and Net Ready Information Assurance and Interoperability.

C-130 Real-Time Information in the Cockpit
Northrop Grumman provides Real-Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) capability for the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command C-130H aircraft.

Link-22 - NATO-Improved Link 11 (NILE)
Replacing the aging Link 11 standard and interoperable with Link 16 networks. Enables participating NATO nations to procure tactical data systems that are interoperable and compatible with those of the other participating Link 22 nations. Northrop Grumman was there at the beginning in 1992.

NGC2P - Next Generation Command and Control Processor
Next Generation Command and Control Processor (NGC2P) Technology Refresh and Link 22 development. The Space and Naval Warfare System Command, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity. The NGC2P system is a tactical data link (TDL) communication processor that provides critical real-time information about friendly and enemy activity during combat operations. The contract deals with obsolescence issues in the current NGC2P system and assists system capability enhancements and new capability insertion, such as Link 22. Under the contract, Northrop is acquiring software and hardware system development, engineering services and technology refresh field change kits.

ROBE - Roll-On Beyond Line-of-Sight Enhancement
Roll this rapidly installable and transportable tactical data link node onto a tanker aircraft. Instantly, the tanker is a communications center, able to relay command decision-making information anywhere in the world. GM was used on ROBE.



Logistics Systems Engineering
Northrop Grumman specializes in real-time warfighter logistics systems engineering and quick reaction programs. We offer comprehensive, proven and effective logistics systems engineering to commercial, government off-the-shelf, manned and unmanned airframe-based solutions for airborne, shipboard, ground mobile and fixed systems.

TDL Training

TRIPSS Training
Imagine a custom training and technical documentation solution, lowering costs, while making training and technical data available to all users whenever and wherever up-to-date information is needed. With TRIPSS, imagination is a reality as users are immersed in a total training and technical documentation support system, enabling true blended training, just-in-time learning and interactive technical, and maintenance documentation at the point and time of need.

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