Data Link Processing and Management

Northrop Grumman offers world-class expertise in tactical data link (TDL) technology. No other TDL products are as widely used.

Data Link Processing and Management

Northrop Grumman’s planning and management software is the industry standard for satellite communications, RF/wireless, and Tactical Data Links. The company is also one of the top providers of multi-link and interoperability certification tools. And, Northrop Grumman was the first company to deliver and market a secure wireless LAN solution to support military and intelligence applications.

Northrop Grumman’s Gateway Manager (GM) provides commanders with the ability to network multiple platforms communicating on different protocols while providing a comprehensive operational picture in near real-time. The company’s GM offering emulates more JTIDS/MIDS terminals than any gateway available. The Gateway Manager also controls data communications locally and remotely, making it a flexible capability for managing tactical networks. GM is offered commercially and on NAVSEA's hardware and engineering services contract.

Northrop Grumman’s Multi-Link Service Gateway (MLSG) enables Link 16, Link 22 and VMF communications on new and existing platforms. For maritime and headquarters installations, MLSG processes JREAP A, B and C; Link 22, link 16; Link 11 and VMF messages.

Northrop Grumman’s Link Management System (LMS) is composed of two major components and is the engine for Tactical Data Link monitoring, management and analysis. The company’s LMS View powers 3-D situational awareness displays that present the operational tactical picture.

Northrop Grumman’s Tactical Data Link Integration Exerciser (TIGER) offering provides an interoperable stimulation/simulation system with Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, JREAP-C, DIS, SIMPLE, SWIF, and TIF capabilities. TIGER is used worldwide and can be tailored to meet customer requirements. The TIGER offering comes in a variety of mobile and fixed hardware configurations.

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