Joint Air Battle Management System


The Australian Pursuit of an Integrated Force

The Royal Australian Air Force is seeking a 5th generation multi-domain Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS) which will form the architecture at the core of the Australian Defence Force’s future Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) capability and provide:

  • Air Battle Management
  • Air and Missile Defence Battle Management
  • Electromagnetic Battle Management
  • US and coalition interoperability, next-generation performance and lifecycle affordably.

The JABMS being procured by the Commonwealth under the AIR6500 project will enable improved situational awareness, such as the ability to generate and disseminate a common operating picture, and will enhance coordination of air battle management, joint weapons employment, and ground-based air defence in operational theatres.

Northrop Grumman Australia offers an open, modular system-of-systems approach and architecture. This openness, which can network and integrate across all domains, affordability delivers a system that is interoperable and joint by design. Northrop Grumman Australia is one of two shortlisted companies selected to participate in the Commonwealth of Australia’s AIR6500-1 Competitive Evaluation Process to lead the design, development and delivery of the JABMS.

Northrop Grumman Air 6500 Joint Battle Management System Infographic

Joint Air Battle Management System

Bringing together the capabilities of Northrop Grumman, the Commonwealth, and Australian Industry to deliver an enduring and innovative enterprise with a sovereign IAMD mindset.

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Delivering for Australia

Our Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) Solution is a layered missile defence system-of-systems, providing capabilities across air, land, sea and space domains. Northrop Grumman has unmatched expertise in complex air and missile defence systems and is the prime contractor for the U.S. Army’s programs of record Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) and Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2).

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Leveraging this global expertise, Northrop Grumman Australia is committed to partnering with Defence and Australian industry in the design and delivery of a contemporary JABMS for the Australian Defence Force that is a solution for today and tomorrow.

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Partnering on AIR 6500 – Defence Connect

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Developing a sovereign AI capability – Defence Connect

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Northrop Grumman, Silentium chase AIR6500 contract

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Northrop Grumman Australia Selected as One of Two Potential Strategic Partners for the Australian Defence Force’s Joint Air Battle Management System

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