Powering multi-domain dominance for Army Missions

Powering multi-domain dominance for Army Missions

In our commitment to support the U.S. Army's modernization transformation, Northrop Grumman delivers advanced technologies, critical capabilities to soldiers and combat formations quickly and affordably.

With deep expertise and understanding of the multi-domain battle, our combat avionics, integrated air and missile defense, cyber security, training, and multifunction mission systems, can affordably enable the transition back to multi-spectral competencies.

Our open, modular architecture also allows for rapid integration and the ability to update systems as the threat evolves, providing the decisive advantage needed for mission success.

illustration of digital battlespace


Delivering a connected battlespace where warfighters make faster, more accurate joint decisions to take out any threat.

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Mission Systems Architectures

digital cockpit of blackhawk helicopter

Rotary Wing Modular, Open Systems Approach

Northrop Grumman’s integrated, open systems architecture features high performance across multiple platforms and enables software-defined upgrades. Our open, flexible, plug & play architecture supports rapid and timely capability enhancements, so our customers benefit from the most efficient and affordable solutions over a program’s life cycle.

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digital illustration of top view of future aircraft

Future of Vertical Lift

Northrop Grumman is supporting the U.S. Army and other services as they modernize the aviation fleet. Together, we are ensuring that all enduring and future platforms can fly, fight and prevail in the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) environment.

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illustration of tank in desert

Assured Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Northrop Grumman’s A-PNT approach moves the burden away from sole reliance on GPS to the complementary use of inertial devices augmented with additional alternative methods of navigation. The Inertial Navigation Systems’ great advantage is that they cannot be spoofed or jammed.

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multifunction infographic

Multifunction Sensors

A multifunction sensor, unlike traditional sensors, consolidates multiple capabilities into a single sensor, decreasing both the number of apertures needed and the size, weight, and power requirements for the advanced capabilities. Sophisticated multifunction apertures can deploy several functions simultaneously, and are fully software-defined, allowing them to be repurposed or rapidly updated for changing threats without expensive and costly hardware modifications.

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Large command center with multiple computer screens and people monitoring data.

Networking & Communications

Creating a resilient, cyber-secure, open and integrated communications network is critical to maintaining the strategic advantage needed to succeed across today’s technology-driven battlespace.

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Aircraft Survivability

picture of advanced threat warner missile warning system

Advanced Threat Warner (ATW) Missile Warning System

The world's most capable multi-function/multi-spectral warning sensor

picture of AN/APR-39D(V)2 Digital Radar Warning Receiver and Electronic Warfare Management System

AN/APR-39 Digital Radar Warning Receiver Family

Multispectral threats are becoming more sophisticated and lethal. The key to outfoxing them? Agility.

aircraft infrared-guided anti-aircraft missile threat protection system

Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM)

Designed specifically to protect rotary wing and medium fixed wing aircraft from IR missiles

infrared countermeasure flares exploding in night sky

MJU-73/B and MJU-62A/B Infrared Countermeasure Flares

Delivering advanced solutions that meet the challenges posed by peer and near-peer adversaries

Advanced Targeting

apache fcr helicoptor

Apache Fire Control Radar (FCR)

A combat proven force multiplier

soldier looking thourgh viewfinder of lightweight laser designator rangefinder (lldr)

AN/PED-1 Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)

More than 2,700 LLDR systems have been delivered and fielded to date

handheld targeting device

Next Generation Handheld Targeting System (NGHTS)

NGHTS is a compact targeting device that provides unparalleled precision targeting from extended ranges and is capable of operation in GPS-denied environments.

Combat Support

african american man typing on laptop


In today’s conflicts, a new battlefield is arising – one where traditional systems aren’t the only ones targeted

Conceptual illustration of the Army’s new landing craft on ship

Maneuver Support Vessel – Light (MSVL)

Providing the C4I systems engineering and program management support to BMT Designers & Planners

Live, virtual and constructive training solutions

Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Training

Interoperable, on-demand, global LVC training solution

Armaments & Lethality

gun on military vehicle

Advanced Ammunition

Northrop Grumman’s advanced medium-caliber ammunition is capable of programmable airburst, proximity airburst, and guidance to meet emerging threats that couldn't be defeated otherwise.

tank with American flag and Bushmaster chain gun

Bushmaster® Chain Guns®

Medium caliber Bushmaster Chain Guns are providing superior effects on several U.S. Army programs to ensure battlefield advantage.

rendering of a munition


Hatchet has completed another successful live test. It was integrated onto the V-BAT, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Group 3 UAS designed and manufactured by Shield AI.

gun ammunition lined-up in a row

Tank Ammunition

As the US Government’s premier partner for tank ammunition

row of artillery

Precision Guidance Kit

The U.S. Army recently awarded Northrop Grumman a contract to qualify the next generation Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) for artillery.

Missile Defense

illustration of military command center

Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS)

Integrates and optimizes every-sensor/best-effector operations

joint tactical ground station (jtags)

Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS)

Provides reliable and affordable early missile detection and warning

illustration of prototype solution on combat vehicle

SHORAD (Short-Range Air Defense)

Provides the command and control (C2) and situational awareness to respond to diverse threats

Situational Awareness

A designers example of a Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) in action.


Provides an integrated, layered solution, from sensing to intercept

illuminating flares light up night sky

Illuminating Flares

Providing greater tactical battlefield illumination in both the visible and infrared spectra

illustration of concept for Future Vertical Lift

Integrated Communications Navigation and Identification (iCINI)

Providing more than 27 fully-integrated capabilities

fiber-optic gyro inertial measurement unit

LN-200 FOG Family Advanced Airborne IMU/AHRS

The LN-200 FOG family is a hermetically sealed non-dithered, low-voltage inertial sensor, ensuring long, reliable usage life.

HAMMR - Highly Adaptable Multi-Mission Radar

LN-270 Pointing, Locating, Navigation and Stabilization System INS/GPS (EGI)

The LN-270 is the smallest, lightest, lowest power and most reliable Pointing, Locating, Navigation and Stabilization system in its class, with unsurpassed geo-location and velocity accuracy.

starlite small tactical radar - lightweight

STARLite Small Tactical Radar – Lightweight

The AN/ZPY-1 STARLite is a small, lightweight SAR/GMTI/DMTI radar used for supporting tactical operations.

Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) logo

Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN)

A scalable and expeditionary intelligence ground station

vader (vehicle and dismount exploitation radar) on prop aircraft

VADER (Vehicle And Dismount Exploitation Radar)

Allows accurate GMTI data and SAR imagery to be readily available to ground commanders in real time

In the News

Find the latest in stories, news and media regarding Northrop Grumman's activities in U.S. Army's modernization transformation

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Ensuring Mission Readiness for the U.S. Army

Black Hawk helicopter

From Mike to Victor

military flight paramedic inside helicopter

National Guard support vital to EDGE 23

servicemembers inspect the Integrated Battle Command System

Northrop Grumman Delivers Transformative Integrated Battle Command System for Poland’s WISŁA Air Defense Program

U.S. military load a C-5 aircraft with Northrop Grumman’s Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) equipment

Northrop Grumman’s Integrated Battle Command System Achieves Initial Operational Capability

military tents with equipment set up in desert

Northrop Grumman’s IBCS Approved For Full Rate Production, Readying Transformational System For Fielding Around the Globe

man inspecting missile detection system

Northrop Grumman-built Common Infrared Countermeasure Systems Approved by US Army for Early Fielding

Northrop Grumman Successfully Integrates Multifunction RAPTR Sensor and Mini-CNI In Flight

Northrop Grumman Successfully Integrates Multifunction RAPTR Sensor and Mini-CNI In Flight

Bushmaster Chain Gun

Northrop Grumman to Supply XM813 Bushmaster® Chain Guns® for US Army Strykers