Partnerships in Australia

Partnerships in Australia

Cultivating partner engagement to support the Australian Defence Force.

Northrop Grumman supports industrial partner engagement and collaboration focused on delivering advanced electronics and other capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.

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Investing in Relationships

Our investment in Australia includes the AUD $50 million Electronic Sustainment Centre of Excellence, to be established at the Badgerys Creek airport precinct in western Sydney. Northrop Grumman will be the anchor tenant. The new centre will support advanced electronics such as communications equipment, electronic warfare equipment and targeting pods. Northrop Grumman will bring together highly skilled technicians, engineers and other professionals whose work will be further supported by the company’s high-end technology and software expertise.

Through a Global Supply Chain Deed signed with the Australian Department of Defence in 2011 and renewed in 2017, Northrop Grumman is identifying opportunities for Australian industry to compete within the company’s global supply chain.

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Strengthening our Commitment

Northrop Grumman has been actively partnering with Australian companies to strengthen its commitment to this strategically important market. Northrop Grumman’s largest Australian F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter supplier, Quickstep Technologies, demonstrated that its new production facility is equipped and qualified to manufacture and deliver quality composite parts for the F-35’s centre fuselage. At a new facility opened in Bankstown, Sydney, in 2012, Quickstep is expected to manufacture more than 36,000 parts for the F-35.

Northrop Grumman also partners with CEA Technologies, one of Australia’s leading military electronic systems and radar companies, and Electro Optics Systems, which develops products incorporating advanced electro-optic technologies for the global aerospace market.

Northrop Grumman is also further committed to partnering with Australian industry in the design and delivery of a modern, next-gen Joint Battle Management System (JBMS) for the Australian Defence Force’s Project AIR6500. Under AIR6500, the Royal Australian Air Force will develop a 5th generation, multi-domain JBMS to enable coordination of air battle management, joint weapons employment and ground-based air defence in operational theatres. Click here to learn more, or if you are interested in working with Northrop Grumman on new and emerging opportunities in support of the Commonwealth of Australia’s vision, please register on our industry portal via this link.

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