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Microelectronics Products and Services (MPS) provides commercial access to Northrop Grumman's state-of-the-art Advanced Semiconductor Foundry. The foundry has a history of facilitating technological advancements that have allowed Northrop Grumman to redefine the commercial telecommunications industry.

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Microelectronic Products and Services
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Purchasing Information
Purchase orders may be placed by fax or e-mail. In order to process the purchase orders, the "AS MMIC Standard Products" Order Form (FP2) must be filled out and signed. Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems will either send the form to the customer for completion or fill out the information. To complete the order, the FP2 form needs to be signed both by Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) and the customer.

Samples, Quotes, Orders and Support
When placing orders or requests for quotations, samples or technical support, please refer to the NGAS part number.

NGAS guarantees that each component meets the specifications as provided in the component's datasheet.

Prices for standard items are available through our current unpublished price lists. Quotes on standard and custom requirements are available through NGAS's Sales Representatives or directly through our sales office. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Export Regulations
Items manufactured by NGAS are controlled for export either under the regulations of the United States Department of Commerce or Department of State. For international orders, quoted delivery does not include the time required for export license approval, if needed. Please contact your Sales Representative for the required documentation needed by NGAS to apply for an export license.

Federal Express will be used. ITAR controlled items being exported out of the United States under an approved State Department export license will only be shipped using approved Northrop Grumman freight forwarders.

Payment Terms
Payment terms are net 30 days for approved customers. To be considered for open terms, please provide NGAS with one bank reference, three trade references, and a D&B number if available. Other payment options are cash in advance. Remittance should be payable to "Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems"

Terms and Conditions
All sales of Products and Services by NGAS under the AS Standard Products Order Form (FP2) are subject to certain terms of sale. These terms of sale are attached to and made a part of the FP2 and are distributed upon a Buyer's presentation of a qualified purchase order.

Industry Links

Northrop Grumman MPS participates in various industry forums that focus on the Microwave and Millimeter-Wave industries requirements, as well as to enable new technologies and applications.

IWPC (International Wireless Industry Consortium)
The IWPC is a pro-active organization of Wireless & RF Product OEM's and their suppliers. Our mission is to facilitate communication up and down the supply chain, to: Reduce costs, improve performance and to decrease time market with an emphasis on packaging and interconnect technologies.

RF Globalnet/Vertmarkets
VertMarkets provides industry specific online sales, marketing products and services to small and medium sized suppliers. VertMarkets continues to be the leader in e-commerce enablement, with marketplace solutions that attracts and connects buyers and suppliers online through its 68 industry-specific marketplaces. RF Globalnet is an electronic marketplace for the RF & MW industry.

About Us


Microelectronics Products and Services (MPS) provides commercial access to Northrop Grumman's state-of-the-art Advanced Semiconductor Foundry. The foundry has a history of facilitating technological advancements that have allowed Northrop Grumman to redefine the commercial telecommunications industry.

  • Our advanced GaN processing created the highest output power at Ka-band frequencies (2015).
  • We provided the first GaAs chipsets for the V-band (2001), E-band (2004), and W-band (2002) frequency ranges.
  • Our GaAs HEMT chipset (under the Velocium Products label) enabled the 23/26 and 38 GHz point-to-point wireless telecom market (2001).
  • Our GaAs HBT process sparked the cell phone power amplifier revolution of the late 1990s.

MPS continues to lead the way forward by leveraging its expertise in GaAs, InP, and GaN technologies to provide discriminating MMICs in wireless E-band telecom, W-band radar, and satcom high power amplifiers.

We provide high quality millimeter- and submillimeter-wave semiconductor products and foundry services to global OEMs, sub-system vendors, and the defense industry.

Our manufactured products are deployed in a broad range of applications from wireless telecommunications equipment, wideband communication systems, and millimeter-wave imaging to fiber optics.

Our current catalog of MMIC products include a full range of high-performance amplifiers, mixers, and complimentary components operating above 86 GHz, including new THz-speed modules. We will soon be offering an E-band chipset and GaN satcom power amplifiers.

Our defense critical foundry offers customers proven and reliable indium phosphide (InP), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and gallium nitride (GaN) foundry services. Optional services include product design, on-wafer testing, dicing, picking and visual inspection.

Recent News

June 21, 2017: Northrop Grumman's MMIC Meets FCC's 5G System Requirements

June 21, 2017: Northrop Grumman Announces New GaN Power Amplifiers

May 13, 2015: Northrop Grumman Brings Cutting Edge Technology, New Products to Microwave and Semiconductor Conventions in Phoenix Area

The MPS Difference

MPS provides a unique opportunity for commercial enterprises to leverage cutting-edge semiconductor technologies initially developed by Northrop Grumman to deliver proven products for research and defense-critical applications. MPS is committed to quality and reliability across its vertically integrated semiconductor value chain, from raw materials and design to fabrication and testing.

MPS provides a unique opportunity for commercial companies to leverage the cutting edge advanced semiconductor technologies Northrop Grumman has developed. These technologies have been developed with the goal of delivering a proven reliable product useable in defense critical applications. As such commercial companies can benefit from this commitment to quality and reliability. This commitment begins with the raw material (as Northrop performs its own epitaxial growth) thru design, fabrication and even in testing. Northrop Grumman's vertically integrated development process allows for a holistic view of reliability and quality.

MPS History

As one of the largest recipients of DARPA technology development funding for advanced semiconductor technology development, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) has a 35 year heritage of delivering high performance, reliable microelectronics.

2010 – Northrop Grumman Space Technology reorganized as Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
2008Microelectronics Products & Services (MPS) business unit born to market commercialized versions of Northrop Grumman Space Technology processes and products
2007 – Northrop Grumman licenses Velocium MMIC product line and intellectual property to Hittite Microwave Corporation; refocuses on cutting-edge, high frequency technology
2004 – Launched first E-band MMIC chipset
2002 – Northrop Grumman acquires TRW; Velocium reorganized as Velocium Products, a business unit of Northrop Grumman Space Technology
2002 – Launched first W-band MMIC chipset
2001 – GaAs HEMT high linear PAs for 23/26/38 GHz point-to-point radios
2001 – TRW Space & Electronics launches Velocium operating unit
2001 – Launched first V-band MMIC chipset
2000 – WTP rebranded TRW Telecomm Products
1998 – GTP rebranded Wireless Telecomm Products (WTP)
1994 – High volume production of GaAs HBT Cell Phone PAs (in conjunction with RFMD)
1994 – MPO rebranded GaAs Telecomm Products (GTP)
1992 – TRW Space & Electronics MMIC Products Office (MPO) set up to compete in the broadband wireless, wideband, communications systems, automotive, and VSAT markets
1970s – Predecessors of Northrop Grumman manufacture their first high-performance, reliable microelectronics

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