Microelectronics - GaN Shared Run

GaN Shared Run

  • A pioneer in the design and fabrication of advanced semiconductors, Northrop Grumman is expanding its gallium nitride (GaN) multi-project wafer prototyping service with an updated schedule for 2016 and 2017.
  • Home of the highest output power Ka-band amplifier, Northrop Grumman's GaN foundry is now offering services to other manufacturers who specialize in products for commercial and defense applications. This new service will combine designs from various customers onto a single wafer and significantly reduce the development cost for all participants.
  • Northrop Grumman's state-of-the-art microelectronics wafer fabrication facility is based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. A Department of Defense Trusted Foundry, the facility also uses advanced gallium arsenide and indium phosphide semiconductor manufacturing processes. The company's prototyping service features the GAN20 process, which was used to manufacture the APN248 Ka-band power amplifier that features Psat of 45.6dBm and 30% PAE and offers the highest output power at Ka-band frequencies.
  • The GAN20 process features 0.2um e-beam T-Gate, NiCr TFR and MIM capacitor, 4mil through vias on 100mm SiC substrates. The process is optimized for frequencies from Ku-band to Q-band. The company's process development kits are available in both Mircowave Office and Advance Design Systems, and samples are available on request.

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GaN Shared Run
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Due Dates August 1st, December 1st, April 2nd, August 6th
Run Dates September 18th; February 5th, May 14th, September 17

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