Secure Messaging

Safe, reliable, and ready when you are

Building on decades of technology innovation and proven program experience, Northrop Grumman is the industry leader in secure messaging systems.

Today, we design, deploy, and maintain accreditable systems that process the most sensitive data of the defense and intelligence communities. We are the only company that can deliver systems that send secure messages from one source to many addresses located across multiple security enclaves. And when the action heats up, we'll be there to assure secure, reliable messaging. Northrop Grumman personnel have supplied onsite field support during most of America's recent combat operations, including Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Providing full, life-cycle solutions, our capabilities include software development, systems engineering and integration, network design and management, security, training, help desk support, maintenance, and complete field services. We offer extensive experience in integrating commercial and government-owned software to achieve mission requirements, both tactical and strategic.

Secure Messaging resources

Secure Messaging and Routing Terminal Next Generation (SMART.neXt)
The SMART.neXt secure messaging and data transfer solution is certified at protection level 4 (PL4) for Top Secret and Below (TSABI) interoperability and is on the Unified Cross-Domain Management Office’s approved list of cross-domain mechanisms.

CSP (Communications Support Processor)
The multi-level secure message handling system that provides trusted handling of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and Collateral classified record message traffic for all of the U.S. Armed Forces, several Federal departments, and the National Defense Headquarters of Canada.

CDAC (CSP-to-DMS Addressing Component)
Converts addresses, security markings and message formats to facilitate messaging compatibility between the Defense Message System (DMS), legacy messaging systems, and defense intelligence mission applications.

SMART (Secure Messaging and Routing Terminal)
SMART is the cost-effective solution for securely passing data among organization (at headquarters, garrison, and remote locations). More than 250 systems deployed worldwide; DISA certified and DIA accredited.

Provides protected email capabilities; enables authorized users to compose, send, and receive email between their desktops and those destinations that can only accommodate legacy message protocols and formats.

SMART: SecureMail
Supports protected browser function; enables users to send and receive e-mail-like messages to and from the AUTODIN over existing networks with complete privacy.

TCSP (Tactical Communications Support Processor)
Used worldwide by the military intelligence community, this modified version of the CSP is more transportable and capable of interfacing with other tactical systems in the field.

CMI (CSP Message Interface)
Advanced application program interface enables CSP to support network-centric communications while assuring full message security and integrity.

DMS (Defense Message System)
More than 12 years of experience supporting every facet of DMS for the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, and Defense Information Systems Agency.