Silent Watch EO/DAS

Silent Watch EO/DAS Concept

Seeing everything, everywhere, all the time

The Silent Watch Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System (EO/DAS) provides a 360-degree stitched field of view for day and night operations, simultaneous tracking of multiple threat swarms and immediate response to hostile threats. Proprietary algorithms enable autonomous detection, tracking, and threat classification with reduced watch stander requirements. All air and surface tracks, including missile threats and asymmetric boat threats, can be detected, and ballistic missile defense capability is possible. The EO/DAS has tracked a multi-stage Falcon 9 rocket from several hundred miles away.

Silent Watch EO/DAS capabilities include:

  • Anti-ship missile detection and targeting
  • Rapid long range threat detection
  • Small, surface object long-range detection and tracking
  • Port security
  • 24-hour in-shore navigation

High TRL solution

Silent Watch

Northrop Grumman has a high TRL solution to contribute now, based on three years of R&D on the surface platform Silent Watch EO/DAS variant and significant JSF research investment in algorithm exploitation. There is a scalable in-production hardware base for USVs to Carriers. Demonstrations have been conducted on the Spirit of Norfolk, unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and Northrop Grumman research aircraft.

Combat systems integration

EO DAS was rapidly integrated with the Integrated Combat Management System (ICMS) and Integrated Bridge System (IBS). ICMS is a combat systems suite for a variant of the Littoral Combat Ship; the IBS is a bridge equipment integration solution employed across the Surface Warfare Enterprise. Our Naval & Marine Systems Division has more than three decades of systems integation experience.