UHF Multiplexer (UMUX)

UHF Multiplexer

Our UHF Multiplexer (UMUX) is an integrated line replaceable unit (LRU) which combines up to six UHF RF signals into two antennas. The LRU contains a six-port UHF multicoupler along with cosite filters for VHF and L Band signals as well. The LRU is contained in a small, lightweight, rugged package suitable for nearly any platform.

The UMUX operates with waveforms including SINCGARS, VHF ATC, SRW, UHF ATC, Have Quick, EPLRS, and WNW. UMUX simultaneously reduces the number of antennae required on a platform while suppressing and managing the effects of cosite interference on collocated radios. The UMUX combines six UHF radios (GMR UHF radios) to two antenna ports.

In addition to reducing the number of antennas required to support command and control missions on the move, UMUX minimizes cosite interference.