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Congratulations on your offer!

We are so excited you have chosen to define possible with Northrop Grumman. This process helps us better understand more about you and the unique talents you bring to Northrop Grumman. It will also provide you with insight into our mission and culture. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect next.

I received my verbal offer at the conference. When will I receive my actual written offer?

After the conference, our teams will work on getting all paperwork in order to execute your formal written offer. You will receive an email from Northrop Grumman within the next 24-48 hours titled – "Thanks for your application to Northrop Grumman”. This email will come from the address We highly recommend you add this to your address book to prevent any emails from going to the SPAM folder. Please remember to check your junk and spam folders if you do not see this email in the next 24 hours.

Important next step: To ensure your application is fully complete, you will need to answer 3-5 additional questions within Workday. This should take less than 5 minutes. We cannot move forward in the process without this step being completed. The "Thanks for your application to Northrop Grumman” email has the link you will need to click to finish your profile and complete the application. You must use the link in the email to complete the application. Lastly, your username must be the email address that you received the invite to apply on. Please have this completed within 24 hours of receiving the email.

Can you tell me more about the program I will work on? 

Placement on a program or project depends on which programs require additional support close to your start date. Your dedicated support team will determine your placement on a program/project ahead of your start date and will provide you with that information when available.

What is the employment application? When do I receive it?

The employment application is received prior to your offer letter being formally generated. You will receive an email from our system alerting you that you are at the application completion step and it is requested that you complete that step within 48 hours of receiving the email. Please check your email and/or SPAM folder for communication from

I’m having trouble accepting my offer. What should I do?

If you run into any issues while trying to make a formal decision on your offer, please reach out to the recruiter in the signature block of your offer.

When do I do my drug test?

Once you accept your offer, you will be assigned an onboarding representative. The representative will send you communications of tasks that need to be completed. One of these tasks will be the drug screen. You will be given specific instructions on how to schedule this screening and what you need to bring with you to the appointment. Your drug screening must be completed within 72 hours of the task being assigned to you by onboarding.

What’s next?

We’re excited to have you on board, here’s what will happen next:

  • Keep in regular communication and look out for engagement opportunities with your recruiter and/or onboarding representative while you are navigating through the offer and onboarding process.  
  • Attend our Recruiting Office Hours and/or Beyond the Offer presentations should you need additional information.
  • Continue to network with Northrop Grumman via our social media channels and keep up-to-date on any new and exciting products/programs or noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Refer your friends. We are always looking for great candidates, and are excited to talk with your referrals.

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