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Everyone is
a Recruiter

Social media is an efficient way to promote your team's open requisitions. LinkedIn is the best social channel to build your network of professional contacts – to connect, share and ultimately recruit.

This site provides instructions, images and content ideas for hiring managers to expand their network and attract the right candidates to Northrop Grumman.

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How to Post

As a hiring manager, most likely one of your job responsibilities is to maintain a presence on social media platforms. Two Northrop Grumman websites are available to perform this activity with ease; one accessible from your work computer and the other site, outside the company network, to access resources if using your personal devices.

LinkedIn is the best social channel for professional networking. Below are our recommendations on how to craft engaging, impactful social posts to this channel. For information on using the site or how to build your profile, visit the LinkedIn Help Page.

Approved Images

Click the link below to select one of the approved images which best supports your post message. 

Approved Images
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Rules of Engagement

Remember, you are responsible for your content posted on social media platforms. Navigate potential pitfalls by knowing what you can and cannot do when referring to Northrop Grumman as an employee.

Be Proud

  • You are an ambassador of #DefiningPossible.
  • Convey inspiration and impart information.
  • Participate in positive online dialogue.
  • Share recent company posts, updates, events, press releases and employee stories.

Act with Intention

  • Use your best judgement.
  • If information or data is marked proprietary, restricted, or classified do not post.
  • Clarify your opinions are your own and not speaking on behalf of Northrop Grumman. You may speak for yourself, but actions reflect upon the company.
  • Resolve mistakes quickly.
  • Ignore argumentative followers, strangers, trolls, and suspicious users.
  • Respect competitors, customers, suppliers, and co-workers.

Know our Policies

  • Stay updated on evolving social media guidelines.
  • Protect our data. Be familiar with these policies: Employee and External Communications CP A6, External and Brand Communications procedure CO A702, and Company and Third-Party Information CO J300.
  • Northrop Grumman’s brand has meaning and value in the marketplace, and every employee has responsibility to properly represent the brand and the company in external and internal communications.

Northrop Grumman does not tolerate employee language or other misconduct identified as racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory; is bullying or hateful; contributes to an atmosphere of a hostile work environment; and/or threatens, supports, or incites violence or other malicious, abusive, or criminal misconduct. The company takes this seriously and promptly investigates reports of such conduct. Appropriate action is taken against employees who violate this policy. Employees engaging in communications must act with integrity and in a manner consistent with our values, policies, and Standards of Business Conduct.

  • Never alter Northrop Grumman images, graphics, or logos. Do not create your own imagery asset. Only use the pre-approved visuals located on this site.
  • Don’t comment, engage, or get involved in legal matters related to the company.
  • Report a potential social media-related crisis or instance of harassment and bullying.
  • When in doubt, ask.
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Frequently Asked Questions