Women in STEM

Meet the women at Northrop Grumman who are using their expertise and experience in STEM related fields to define possible every day.

Northrop Grumman Supports Women in STEM

For generations, Northrop Grumman has welcomed the brightest and most creative female minds to define possible. The women at Northrop Grumman have solved problems, invented processes and contributed to teams who have fulfilled customer requirements and performed at remarkable levels. Our females have rewarding STEM careers across all our engineering groups, in various fields of science like chemistry, math related jobs in computer science and across the technology spectrum from information systems management to deep analysis.

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Women in STEM Statistics

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) recently published their Scorecard with these highlights about the percentage of STEM jobs that women hold in America:

  • 19% of computer engineering jobs
  • 20% of computer programming jobs
  • 26% of computer science jobs broadly
  • 13% of engineering jobs

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Women and Leadership at Northrop Grumman

Our focus on building a world-class culture begins with our commitment to attracting and retaining the best and most diverse talent. We provide an engaging and supportive workplace that encourages innovation and excellence.

As technology evolves and changes the way our business operates, we continue to develop our people with the skills needed to succeed and reach our goals.

Female Population at Northrop Grumman:

  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Kathy Warden
  • Vice President and Above Population - 32 %
  • Management Population - 27%
  • Total Female Population - 25%

Meet Northrop Grumman Leaders

Successful Women in STEM Careers at Northrop Grumman

Women in Stem

Women in Digital Transformation

Women in STEM are a driving force in digital transformation throughout the world. Valuable skills and expertise is required in digital engineering, DevSecOps, artificial intelligence/machine learning, advanced manufacturing, and open architecture woven with Lean-Agile methodologies.

Digital Transformation at Northrop Grumman

Focusing on improving military operations

Women in STEM at Northrop Grumman use their engineering skills to protect warfighters. From tiny, perfect electronic chips to augmented reality, their contributions and leadership make a difference.

What We Do

From Active Duty to Defining Possible in a Civilian STEM Career

We are proud to help our nation’s military personnel make the transition to civilian careers. At Northrop Grumman, approximately 20% of our 90,000 employees self-identify as veterans.

Female Engineers Who Change the World

Northrop Grumman is home to many engineers, scientists and technologists who change the world in small and mighty ways. From winning national awards, to protecting our national security, to enabling the exploration of the far reaches of space, these women are defining possible and changing the world.

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The Height of Her Career

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Stephanie Locks Awarded SME’s “Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer”


There are many ways to get and stay connected at Northrop Grumman. In addition to the Women's International Network, we have more than a dozen employee resource groups (ERGs) and technical growth offerings.

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