Distributed Autonomy/Responsive Control - DA/RC

Northrop Grumman’s DA/RC system is a leading prototype Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system. It connects and controls a wide range of complex systems across all domains and services in highly contested environments.

About DA/RC

This mature transformational software provides decision making superiority for a manned/unmanned fleet in up to a highly contested environment. Through DA/RC, operators are able to control a large number of assets at machine speed with scalable degrees of human oversight.

DA/RC capability will be instrumental in shaping the future of combat by enabling technology to work in closer collaboration with people. This transformational technology enables seamless human-machine collaboration for effective decision-making and cooperative mission management across distributed manned and unmanned assets.

The goal of this revolutionary software is to:

  • Remove the dependency of unmanned systems on continuous communication
  • Automate the real-time tactical decision-making and routine tasks currently provided by humans for manned and unmanned systems
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of tactical decision-making required to operate multiple, cooperating systems in complex, dynamic, hostile environments
  • Reduce overall manpower
  • Provide an effective interface for humans to regulate, supervise and manage system behavior at all levels from total force to individual subsystems
  • Provide a interoperable/scalable architecture (UCI, OMS, micro services, cloud based)

This approach underscores the power of human-machine teaming and enables faster, more efficient decision-making in complex and dynamic environments in the future.