In the Footsteps of World War II

A crowd of people on a green grass airfield photograph five planes flying overhead

by Crystal Nguyen

Photographer Alan Tran’s father handed him a video camera when he was 9 years old, sparking his interest in film and photography.

Today, Alan has channeled his lifelong passion, talented eye and ability to capture visually compelling stories into a thriving photography career at Northrop Grumman. Alan can also be found behind the camera in his free time, volunteering as a photographer for nonprofits, including Rescue 22, Act of Valor and the Best Defense Foundation, that support U.S. service members and their families.

Most recently, Alan had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Normandy, France, through the Best Defense Foundation’s Battlefield Return Program. Alan documented the return of 43 World War II veterans to the country they liberated almost eight decades ago. Follow the unforgettable journey through Alan’s lens.

All photos courtesy of Best Defense Foundation / Alan Tran.

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