Meet Janet: An Aeronautics Guidance, Navigation and Controls Engineer

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Kickboxing and engineering. Two very different activities with a few major similarities, yet both teach determination, problem solving and persistence. Guidance, navigation and controls engineer, Janet Todd, is a shining example of these traits. As a champion kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter, she knows what it means to be tough and get the job done.

In Janet’s role, she manages a team who develops flight critical avionics on aircrafts. This includes developing the software algorithms that are deployed on these electronics to determine the vehicle state and control the vehicle along a desired flight path.

“What we do at Northrop Grumman, and what I get to do, is essentially to develop these technologies that go onto platforms as an asset to the warfighter to help defend our country,” Janet said.

When Janet isn’t leading the charge with her team, she can be found in the ring preparing for her next fight.

“One of the many advantages to working at Northrop Grumman is our flexible work arrangements. I am able to adjust my work schedule and spend an optimal amount of time training and pursuing my passions,” Janet said.

Janet teaches us that hard work and determination truly pays off. Learn more about Janet’s career journey and her fighting spirit on CBS-LA.

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female worker in boxing clothes

Meet Janet: An Aeronautics Guidance, Navigation and Controls Engineer