Meet Montraz: An Intern Creating Top-Notch Hardware Designs

Portrait of young african american male

Meet Montraz, an intern learning what it means to push the boundaries of possible from a leading global provider of secure software-define, hardware-enabled mission systems.

How did you get your internship at Northrop Grumman?

I learned about the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Invitational offered by Northrop Grumman because the engineering department at University of Maryland-Eastern Shore shared a flyer noting they were having internship interviews. I applied for the invitational and was fortunate to be offered my first internship with a company I highly revered.

What do you do in your internship?

I am working remotely to maintain and progress Verification Improvement of Digital Signal Processing Design. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the use of Signal Processors to perform real-world application. Applications may include audio, radio, radar, digital image processing, and many more. My job is to use Function Verification techniques and the latest Verification Methodologies to help Northrop Grumman achieve top notch verification on hardware designs. This has required me to become familiar with Engineering Verification that is not taught specifically at my school. This includes studying and practicing Advanced Verification, Universal Verification Methodology, and Hardware Description Language. Also becoming knowledgeable and gaining skills on how to use HDL Simulators, Linux operating systems, and Simulink to produce verification results. 

Have you stayed connected to your colleagues while being a remote employee?

Absolutely! My fellow interns and I have had communication with each other throughout the whole work day. We have to work together and help each other to be able to complete our daily and weekly goals. We also have daily meetings with our team mentors so that we know if we’re working towards the correct direction.