Security Protocols: Preparing for Your Visit

Visitors, please have your government issued photo I.D. or passport ready upon arrival. Northrop Grumman reserves the right to inspect all persons, vehicles, hand-carried packages, and containers prior to allowing entry into non-public areas of its facilities, at departure from the facility, and at any time while on company premises.

Security Protocols Badge Positioning

Badge Positioning

Badges must be readily visible at all times and should be worn between the waist and the shoulders.

Badge position is required while on company premises unless otherwise instructed by management. All Employees and Visitors Must Comply with Requirements Set Forth in CTM J100, Company Security.

Prohibited and Restricted Use Items

The following categories of items are prohibited on company property except when officially required for the performance of a contract:


The following categories of items are prohibited on company property except when officially required for the performance of a contract:

  • Firearms, ammunition, and projectile weapons, except when required by law enforcement, military, or authorized security personnel
  • Bladed, edged, or sharp tools or implements, except for company-approved and issued tools of the trade and personal folding pocket knives with a blade length of less than 2.5 inches
  • Club-like items and striking devices
  • Explosive and incendiary devices
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal drugs and other controlled substances, as defined by federal law, that are not legally authorized for the holder


Use of the following equipment is restricted on company premises as described in CTM J100, Company Security:

  • Cameras, including still, video, digital, film, and webcams
  • Cell phones: photography, audio recording, videography (including FaceTime and other video conferencing applications)
  • Laptop computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices with wireless connectivity capabilities. (Note: Northrop Grumman employees may transport company-owned laptop and other mobile devices into and out of company premises in accordance with established procedures. If inspected, the employee must show employee badge and evidence of company ownership of the laptop [i.e., company property tag])
  • Electronic and optical recordable media of all types, including wearable wireless items (e.g., Fitbit and other wireless wearable devices) and mass storage devices such as USB storage devices, also known as thumb/jump drives, memory sticks, etc.
  • Sound recording devices of all types

This list is not all-inclusive and may be supplemented in accordance with company element procedures.

Northrop Grumman respects your concerns about privacy. Please visit to learn more about how we use your information, the measures we take to protect your information and how you can reach us to exercise your rights under applicable laws.